Monday, January 28, 2008

Tinay is in lah-lah- land!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Me got myself a Crockpot

left: (1)its a stainless steel, 3L capacity, easy to use slow cooker, egad! (2) come to momma (3) mechado, pot roast, caldereta, bbq ribs...

No, its not an implicit announcement that I bought myself a pot of drugs, much to Jay's chagrin when I announced my long time dream of getting one. A "crockpot" is actually a slow cooker brand. So to be politically correct, I got myself a slow cooker. Carrefour, one of Singapore's  hypermarts (yeah, I sh
op in a hypermart! Im a social democrat, and I shop in one, because for goodnessake--no one really makes a crockpot personally) had one on sale, and lo and behold! A new toy.
Now, some of you may find this funny and amusing and probably retort a note that spells contradiction for a modern woman, but Im sticking up my guns. I dont see any contradiction at all, and any 'half cooked' feminists that will call this new shiny toy a 'tool to put the woman in the kitchen and nowhere else (well, aside from the bedroom, that is), I challenge to a debate. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, upon your indulgence, I would like to rant on the problems of calling someone, or yourself, a domesticated housewife, or simply 'domesticated'. One, I would like to propose that the word 'domesticated' be left to pets, or animals, livestock, plants or maybe 'husbandry' (sorry guys, Im only in this for women's cause. Not to fret though, I dont intend to switch gender preferences).

 It is a bit demeaning, if not ironic, because the idea of being 'domesticated' provokes several assumptions, one of which is the act of being 'taught' or 'tamed'. I dont know of any woman who'd love to think that they've been 'tamed' as if they used to be wild, and that their 'taming' comprise of them suddenly wanting to cook, wash dishes, do laundry and clean the house. I do all those, I love kids, and I cook really well (plug: buy a slow cooker! you dont need to buy those tender , expensive meats, and its really healthy cooking). Does that make me 'domesticated'? If its a desirable trait, why depict them 'ala-Stepford Wives', when we all know the movie is about submissive, robot-like women whose role in society is make breakfast for their family? NO, I dont have problems with making breakfast for my future family, nor doing household chores. Its just that the implicit spells out a 'belittling' of such role--that of a housewife. Its as if its a real sad thing that marketing it to be 'sexy and perfect' is in a way misleading, and in another just hilariously funny.

And I just got my first slow cooker.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Xmas Pics (after 24 years)

Christmas 2007
Marina Country Club, Pulau Ubin
Babies. Archery. Air Soccer. Kayakking. Family. Friends. 
Beer Drinking Contests. Snap Happy People

Thursday, January 10, 2008

On Writing

Im reading (re-reading 1/8 of it) Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’. No, Im not trying to be at par with any of them--the serious ‘writer-types’, but I like writing. I think Im better with writing prose than talking. I wonder why. Maybe because when I write, I don’t have to face anyone, and that Im not subject to stares or initial judgement. Maybe because, with writing, I can edit what I just said, or thought of, thus less misinterpretation and more clarity. but cut that--I usually write without editing anyway, like talking on to of your head. But really, with text, I can put my ideas across more confidently, and I don’t need to worry about what other people may think (well, right away). I can be more adventurous with words, and more expressive. With writing, Im 'free-er' (is there even, such a word?). 

Or...maybe Im still in denial. hehe. 

Now back to reading. Hmm.

Wow, I just realised that after a long time, Im simultaneously doing 2 things I like doing best.

n.b.   My two cents worth--today's 'me' generation brought about landslides of writer-wannabees. thats me trying to be polite. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Here's to a New YOU. (oh, sounds family)

New  Year 2008

1) lets all raise our hands and bow our heads.. 2)Zuraida, Zuma and the Zhuwariwariwaps (background--tinde!) 3)revelry 4) The Becky wishes everyone the best things to come 5) Amir, dee meyn! 6)sound proof 7)charades, aka read my lips  8) we have competitive, athletic games, of course! 9) confessional 101

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Zia's World Debut

Zia's world Debut, originally uploaded by dyowsa.

Watch out world, for Zia Bryce Joson Inumerable. Aside from her very loooonnggg and unique name, her 'tipid' smile will capture your heart. Ah, yeah! Oh. and she's got a fairy, hairy (wadapak) godmother to boot.