Sunday, December 30, 2007

Its a HARD drive

No pun intended, but yes--I just gave myself a hard drive for Christmas. Its 120GB of pure 'nothingness', to be politically correct. :) I think my machine just fell for it, like its Christmas morning. (well, howdyaknow! yes--its xmas anyway) Now of course, since mac is plug and play--you dont need the extra hupla that comes with the package. No need to install anything. Hah! 

its official. I may be a geek. Or I just need more space. ('anu bah.)

some random pic: was at the NUS Faculty of Arts and Soc Sci student canteen called the 'The Deck' (renowly renovated, mga lola--me likes it very much), fresh from my book haunt at the library when a sudden downpour occured. So...what should a girl do? Rush through the rain, 'umbrella-less?' Nah. she buys coffee (kopi-o), on a yellow plastic glass which you suspect cant hold a liquid that warm, sits through the rain and takes pictures. hehe. oh, and work that wifi.

We went to 'Singapore's last frontier' (rayyyttt...) on Christmas eve, and celebrated Christmas day there--away from the crowds and all the sad commercialistic tendencies (waw...never thought of it that way. that felt better! hehe). We shot arrows for Christmas eve (will post pics, pramis), joined beer drinking contests, stop dance and...air football (not that enticing, I tell you). 

will post more pics. later.

Monday, December 24, 2007

the small child in me

...wanted a Mr Potato Head for Christmas.
So you can just imagine how happy I felt when Santa dropped by for an early pre-xmas gift
 (with some nudging from me, of course). 

Its a Transformers Optimash Prime!
I love it.
(will post pics...not now, I've decided to keep it 'wrapped' for xmas day. teehee)

I so excited. so bery bery mats. :)
zenkyu po.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Yes, you can bet your 14th month pay-- I believe in Santa Claus!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

by the river I sat down..

and made lamon. hehe. With my iPod Shuffle plugged to my ears (didnt like the lounge singer they hired, and I intend to stay pleasant the whole night--so yes, I brought my own music), I walked along the other 'quieter' side of the Singapore River via the Grand Copthorne Waterfront last night. It was a misty, cold night, and with my N95 on hand, I took pictures. The funky bridge's shape was very much appreciated, its reflection glistening on the river surface over a moonless sky. On my way back to the duvets, I started skipping, and swaying. I was wearing this purple dress I scoured from a GAP sale two weeks ago, with (check this out...) my trusty black rubber slippers (hehe). They looked good on each other--like a match made in heaven. Very comfy and laid back--just how I liked it. On my way back home, I reflected on that 'skipping'-ala reckless abandon I just did, and I thought the dress made me do it (aha!). It reminded me of the once simple joy of entertaining oneself with your own 'play time'. And Im glad I did it. Dont you just wish you can get 'your way' sometimes, and do whatever you want?
ohh...did you see the hanging lamps in the picture? Nice, noh? I didnt expect it to turn out that nice-ly. Well, thats what you get from the 11th shot, in experiment of the subject. hehe. But really, things still surprise me, as much as I still surprise myself. (nuninuninu..)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Overdue Pics

Tita Vicky's Birthday Party. hehe.
a.k.a. Becky's Buco Pandan Dream Sequence comes to life
Lex and Zia's Photo Shoot (pics featured were shot by Bex's N95)
Lunch time, Sunday
thank God for babies

Lex: Cutie pie, boys night out memeya. ah, pwede bang suma-- (
Zia: Talk to the hand.

Zia: alam mo ba kanina sa palengke, sa kumare...nakakayamot
Lex: nuninu ninu (dedma look)
its syesta time! (Janice will sooo kill me. hehe)

photo shoot po, wak maingay

Overdue Pics Part 2

National Museum of Singapore
Sunday after lunch

shoot me baby

the columns are--urm...'columned'? :)

Loved 'em all. the Japanese have done it again.

how far can you go to reach the ceiling? (poetic crap)

its melting (kuno)! 'a day without a tree'

Overdue Pics Part 3

Tea Party with Amb Belen Anota-Fule
Amb Residence, Singapore
Saturday afternoon, 8 Dec
new found friends. hehe. and yes--with special participation of my bag
the Saturday Tea Club were gracious hosts. Picture taken in the 'glassed' patio overlooking the pool. Im seriously thinking about this career Ive long time been considering.
'under the table'-- lovin' the flooring, shadows and glass
With Ambassadress Anota-Fule.
(it should be in feminine form, with dash for maiden name plus surname,
says the empowered woman in me)
I said: 'Ma'm, for future references po'.

Do you that Amb Belen has LOTS of Belens (Nativity Scene) scattered all over her home?
Birthday Girl (celebrates her birthday on the 25th. oha!)

Monday, December 17, 2007

thoughts on asian idol

No, Im not trying to be sarcastic. Nor am I trying to gloat over the fact that Asia’s (or rather, Southeast Asia’s) Best was beaten (ohhh), hands down by the ‘dark horse’ of the competition (or so, says the media). And yes—by SMS votes. The guy himself was not expecting it. And so did everyone else! What fun! I have nothing against Hady Mirza—I think he’s okay—urm, for his league. BUT C’MON…its Asian Idol, my goodness. How do you explain, in the light of Hady’s country of ‘citizenship’ (to be politically correct)—the ever great meritocratic society of Singapura that such ‘upsets’ (in the Indian judge’s own words) can actually occur in naming the Best of the continent? How can you have the courage to face up to your kids in the future, and tell them dark side of mob rule? That the best does not necessarily triumph, and that ‘upsets’ can happen all the time?

Well, Im blaming the voting system. The system calls for two contestants which one has to choose from the six. Logically, since the objective of the game is that the contestants with the most number of points win, and you want your country rep to win…ergo, the next person you vote for should not be your pick’s best contender. Unless of course you’re caring enough to forego your ‘national interest’ for the interest of another contestant—pathetic, of course. Anyway, the only message I can give to those in ‘full praise’ of Hady’s feat (aside from thank you) is—thank the people in the region. For underestimating your rep. For underestimating the support his country might be giving him. In a way, I’m happy for Hady. He’s the most surprising yet ‘somewhat’ pleasant upset for the year. But more seriously--I don’t think his supporters are licensed to gloat. Really, lah.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pulutan palang, ulam na*

tonight's dinner menu
the sisig--eherm, with egg of course, is brought to you by
yours truly, Junee Bee. :)

now, the kinilaw was brought to you by--urm...some party people. hehe (tapaw po ito. thats Singlish for 'take away'--oh..thats another Singlish)

* sigh..for the sake of those who cant understand tagalog: 'where you can eat your beermatch/ bites for supper' (its supposed to be a funny tagalog figure of speech)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Child Labour. teehee


Nah--I refuse to translate my post title to Ingrish. :)


there's wisdom in quitting your job over the Yuletide Season.
It creates this sense of relief, making you more relaxed and simple-minded.
More forgiving to yourself, and to others.
I think I just gave myself the best Christmas gift ever.


We were having this Christmas lunch at the office (catered, of course!) today and had a few invited guests dropping by. The lady in charge of the estate our office is currently situated in was one of them, and for some obvious reason the topic over turkey, salmon, skewered beef and cheese cake was the 'state' of our 'estate' (tongue twister ba itoh??).

It was quite fun at first, very informative, that it reached a point when we discusses malls, and other public places she 'recommend' we stay away from due to its unhygienic practices and features that are supposedly 'not good for one's health'. She then enumerated a long list. I found it quite surreal and funny because it reminded me of this guy Phoebe dated in FRIENDS--Larry, the health inspector. I told Cheryl about it and we had a hell of a laugh trip over lunch. Im thinking, ‘Gee, good thing she's married with kids’.

I can imagine myself having a career like hers, plus my overly prissy attitude..saya non! (okay, in Meng's translate it! campaign: what joy!)

date: lets go here
me: no. its aircon vents are not cleaned everyday
date: oh. how abt this mall?
me: sure! oh...uh-oh--its water features are tubed, recycled water
date: oh. this one?
me: too small
date: this?
me: its got no Zara in it

ahaha. Some random pictures (er...i can't, in the mighty name of becky--categorise them anywhere else)! : Vivocity in Harbourfront (to those whose been here light years ago (last year), its beside the Harbourfront Mall--going to Sentosa) need to get new retail decor designers. For a mall boasting to be one of Asia's biggest, the decors did not make it to the yearly budget.

andyan ka lang pala! (there you are!) Mr Ver is fond of yam, thus his colour.

eh, no frost pala eh! : this is actually a very long story.

Henewey, you do know I've got nut case 'family' (as in husband and wife plus kid) friends who call themselves 'The Frosts', right? :) they're being summoned by another 'family' friend for a match on 'keso-ness'-- the 'Mamu Tribe'. Note to myself: imbide the anti-keso-ness values to my kids, in case they ask me why we can't be the 'Morrisons', or the 'Familia Concordia'.

p.s. keso-ness, by the way, means 'cheesiness' in english. In gay linggo, its similar to 'chenes' .wahaha.

Pictureless me

Will post pics from last week. and the jumpacked weekend. (duh. if thats how you describe a tea party with the Philippine Ambassadress and another one with babies and buco pandan). Huweyt lang po!

On Real Time

I was walking to the office this drizzly morning when I got stuck at the traffic light. What seemed to be an everyday episode was bizarrely different today, becuase there actually is a long queue at the stop. A small road construction was going on, so with limited space to stand, our 'queue' occupied the entire stretch of the intersection. It was quiet amusing--the sight of almost twenty people dressed to the nines and dark clothes, with colourful umbrellas, trying to cross the street in hordes. Then I imagined it to be a very beautiful day.

And then--the funky song strikes in. For some reason which Im completely unaware of, this soundtrack popped in. On cue. My, my...what a weird way to start your day.

Running just as fast as we can
Holdin on to one anothers hand
Tryin to get away into the nightAnd then you put your arms around me
And we tumble to the ground
And then you say
I think were alone now

There doesnt seem to be anyone around
I think were alone now
The beating of our hearts is the only sound

Of course it's a Tiffany song. So bite me.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Year End Lunch with Prof Koh@Garuda Cairnhill

Taken last 7 December by Lin's christened official (cam phone) photographer.
Me loves that 5 megapixel Bathilda.
Yes, I named my n95 Bathilda.

Friday, December 7, 2007


the seemingly 'always happy and cheery' one is alone tonight
with tears rolling down her cheeks
she calls upon good friends, people whom she know are occupied 
on Friday nights like her--as she's always been.
she asks the mighty one to at least give her a break.
its a Friday night--can't he just make her sleep very early,
or get someone to talk to her on a seemingly wonderful timing?
I think he said no--so she's just there.
hating herself,
hating the world and everyone else
she's homesick as hell, tired and bent
you heed her call for help.
for she needs you badly.

please--dont let her feel she's been let down.


too bland, too salty

too sweet, too good

too much

not much

too bad

not at all


and all i ever wanted was to be yours

yet i guess i'll never be


for you


and me.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mental Note to myself

Once in Manila--Stop by 7o's Bistro.
Check their website first--you dont want a Julia Clarete episode.
My favourite dig. Hay--I miss going here.
...and I miss my soul. :)

p.s. try to bring my brother along (yes--make him break his dorm's curfew)

Happy Together (a.k.a. you and me against the world)

Tawirang Batman and Robin lang po.
(in plain, english english...Crossing only for the dynamic duo)
They didn't happen to be gay, right?
They seemed to be enjoying each other's company an awful lot.
So this is what's keeping our boys busy. :P

Monday, December 3, 2007

Da Becky, M.D.

Nah, Im not.
Im an M.A. (to be precise, M.Soc Sci—tandaan mo yan, Lando. At magiging Duktor din ako baling araw. Doctor of Philosophy, gedemet)
I have two cousins who are, by the way (‘single and willing to mingle’ daw--ikaw na ang mag punchline).
Going back to my M.D. 'thing'--i seem to create this impression (yes, aside from my goody-two-shoes-ness) that Im a medical practitioner, or probably a student of the biological sciences. Thanks to my family history of different illnesses ‘all in the family’, and my very wide and weird reading scope, I ‘seem’ to have picked up a couple of general if not oddly specific information that has continuously kept me in dreamy states on long bus rides.

Case #1: When I was 11, I had to accompany my baby brother to the loo (to make number 2). He was 2 years old that time, and sometimes I think he can’t seem to do it. What I usually did was open the faucet a bit, and just let the water fill the bucket. It creates this rhythm which ‘Ive read’ eases the tension and stress incontinence creates. My mom noticed this one time and asked me why. After explaining to her, she gave me this very funny look, similar to when I told her the other time that ‘during’ blackouts, and my brother is crankier than ever, its better to get the baby inside in the car. Not only because its air-conditioned (and I dont need to fan him using the abaniko—tamad!), but because an enclosed automobile with its engines on simulates the womb. Its very comforting, ‘kaya nga po madali tayo makatulog pag nasa kotse’. Well, she followed suit, so I think I am a credible source.

Now, where’d I get that? There was this very glossy, sophisticated looking ‘everyday biology’ book at National Bookstore that time. The page opened to...eherm—the reproductive system (c’mon! I was 10 that time) I think I got it from there.

Case#2: Eons ago, we were in the car with my friend’s cousin (who’s like eons older than me—hehe), when all of a sudden the cousin blurted out that she can’t take string beans and tofu. I said ‘Uric Acid? Do you have gout?’ What followed was a barrage of further questions—from whether I might want to consider going to medical school instead…blah blah blah…where the heck I knew of such (I think what amazes them more is the fact that ‘at this age, you’re not even supposed to know about such—er, illnesses). Oh man—the look in her face almost convinced me to take up medicine.

Information I got from: someone who complains we’re trying to kill him every time we serve ‘pata sa munggo’, ‘ginisang munggo, toge sa tokwa, kadyos and sinigang with sitaw’ –my dad, of course. The lecture can go on for days, its like getting a specialisation seminar on rheumatology.

Case#3: A month ago, I was talking to two colleagues about this news scoop on the woman who seem to have lost it, and is suing the church over an alleged ‘exorcism gone bad’. I didn’t know of the details, so they had to take turns filling me up on every detail. Being Singaporeans (hehe), they ask you the proverbial question in the end: ‘So, what do you think?’

I said ‘mental incapacity. She’s obviously bipolar.’

They looked at each other and chorused ‘You knew lah’.
Me: Oh, they’ve done some tests already?
Colleague 1: No results yet, but that’s what the Psychiatrist in the interview said.
Colleague 2: You a shrink? Not fair, you’ve heard about it

Wtf? I don’t think so. Now…where’d I get that? Was watching Law and Order SVU the other day. And what are the odds?