Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Overdue Pics Part 3

Tea Party with Amb Belen Anota-Fule
Amb Residence, Singapore
Saturday afternoon, 8 Dec
new found friends. hehe. and yes--with special participation of my bag
the Saturday Tea Club were gracious hosts. Picture taken in the 'glassed' patio overlooking the pool. Im seriously thinking about this career Ive long time been considering.
'under the table'-- lovin' the flooring, shadows and glass
With Ambassadress Anota-Fule.
(it should be in feminine form, with dash for maiden name plus surname,
says the empowered woman in me)
I said: 'Ma'm, for future references po'.

Do you that Amb Belen has LOTS of Belens (Nativity Scene) scattered all over her home?
Birthday Girl (celebrates her birthday on the 25th. oha!)

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