Sunday, June 29, 2008


Stella wanted to see Orchard Road. So off we went on a Sunday afternoon. (after a shopping spree from the other night at Wheelock (check out the dress!), nothing surprises me anymore these days. heh. )

Ah, the ToyCon! Yup, we went there. (oh gad, Im turning into a 'ToyCon' going person. This is...well...ish this good?at all??)

Oh...and guess who just dropped by... for good? :)
ayayay... Its the lola Natasha Moore! open or not to open? that is the question.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Lex and Ninang. 
Para daw kamin mag-nanay dito. Baby and mother Panda.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Research 102: When in doubt (aka in search for a better word)

I am currently reading all the articles submitted for our book project* when I chanced upon this phrase:

‘some travel; in different countries....willing to work in ___ cabaret...but
most of the recruitment is ‘passive’ and made through mouth-to-mouth

-I think the poor fella meant ‘by word of mouth’. ang kyut!

Ahaha. I swear, nag double take ako dun sa last part. I even looked it up—baka kse hindi lang ganon ka developed ang vocabulary ko. ahaha.

In fairness, hindi English ang first langauge nya (well, ako rin). He even pointed this out sa kanyang note, kaya wala akong maireklamo, kasi--c'mon, at least he was honest, diba? :)

Nars! Major surgery—table fifteen!

*(take note, BOOK ito. As in with credible publisher and peer reviewed. Hindi pamphlet—parang yung isang kilala ko na nilalagay pa sa ‘list of published articles’ nya yung ni-copy and paste nya lang na write up sa isang obscure pamphlet—ni wala nga akong natatanggap sa mailbox ko na ganon noh. Haller. )

Friday, June 20, 2008

This is BLYTHE.01

This is BLYTHE.01, originally uploaded by dyowsa.

She may scare the shit out of the people dear to me, but I so love, love, looove her (whats with me and repetitive words these days?). This is a post overdue, so you can imagine how much sleeping hours I had to sacrifice for this. hehe. Anyway, my Stella is a 'collaborative' birthday gift from my sister Tinay and my manfriend, MrP. So, salamat po. Parang feeling ko recipient ako ng 'make a wish foundation' nito. heh.

My Blythe's been to Kent Ridge (NUS--chos), Macau and Hongkong. Yes, she's still got that shiny-ness of a face (excuse the blatant english), characteristic of its pure, unadulterated new-ness (simply put, nde ko pa sya mino modify), and until I find that perfect sand sponge, I'll just be shooting with angles minus the oily fez. I think she's photogenic enough to make it to most of my scheduled photo shoots (the one I did at Kent Ridge--yes, that with the greeneries, was back breaking, naknangtokwa!). So yeah--macro mode ever. (Check out that Ferragamo bag!) Costume change, anyone? Is there a calamity drive for Blythes (aka used clothes give aways)?


AYY DEE!, originally uploaded by dyowsa.

i layk

Monday, June 16, 2008

Now that Im past my second quarter

I'll try to love myself more,
and be less apologetic about almost everything.

I'll travel more often (of course),
and relish those adventures
one at a time.
I will take my time, I promise.

I will be less impatient,
and be more appreciative of those little things.
Yes--like what used to be.
I will try to laugh harder, and just be happy.
I'll take it easy, and just be thankful--
that Im here, you are here with me and HE is with us.

I will try. Try, try lah.

Photos by MakeoverInc.
Edits by the Becky.

Eat Me.

Frozen Yogurt. Im in love, love, love!
You gotta love the ambiance, the political incorrectness, the toppings.
although Im all out for 'topless'. :)
Frolick . 
241, Holland Ave, Holland Vee

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I had to write this down

Allors! I am a busy rights now, so I cannot write long blog entries. I transcribing an interview of how-many-of-so head honchos in the field of health services export in my home country, my ears is are (sir, ma'm) bleeding already I want to kick my self in the nuts. Oh gee--I dont have nuts. Anyways, a few conversational pieces which Im afraid I'll have put down on writing. Very inspiring and cheeky. I like! :)

In an FGD with students from a lesser known university in some city in the Philippines:
interviewer: so, you are graduating students of this university..(to the group)
boy: yes.
interviewer: why did you choose to study here?
boy: because it is very good. I like their multidisciplinary..(trails off)
interviewer: oh, right... so its definitely one of the best in the country? How does it fare to the school rankings?
boy: (ETO TALAGA ANG PANALO)...well...we're getting there (with matching tono na pang principal ng school). (pusta ko may matching may-i-smile pa yan. ahaha)


Job interview nung isang taong kakilala ko:
boss: ours is a very competitive company, we need nothing but the best people
friendship: of course..
boss: (goes on and on about desirable qualities of an employee) why do you think we should hire you?
friendship: (long pause, with matching smile) ...why not? (matching tono: taong nagluluto sa harap ng kamera)

Hay. These are soo much better in a pure Pinoy accent. lurve it!

Monday, June 9, 2008


I have a few. 
They have no idea they've just been nominated by yours truly,
but yes--these are the women I've always looked up to.
I've followed their achievements, worried for them, 'felt' for them--
Its a one way street I tell you (for they never knew).
And for me it felt perfect that way.
I wont call them 'icons', but idols.
Not in that silly manner, but in a way that things they've done, and are doing inspire me.
To be a better woman, a better person, a better ME.

So, salamat sa mga ate ng buhay ko.
I'll only be watching on a distance, very happily.
Here's to happiness and peace of mind.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Bert's Day

Happy Bert's Day, originally uploaded by dyowsa.

Somewhere at Holland V, I summed up the month of May with an age old tradition. Guess who shared this special cup keyk...este occasion with me? Its Pah--tee! Fresh from Tanah Merah pa yan!