Monday, April 26, 2010


ah yeah.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

PAL Midnight Sale. EPIC Fail

Philippine Airlines...You have a lot of explaining to do.

Matutulog na ako. Nakakainis lang, at mega may midnight sale pa silang nalalaman sa website ng PAL, tapos takte, the first hour was terrible. Eto ang sabi sa main site, from 12:05 am to 1:00-ish am:

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

I can't believe they did not anticipate very high traffic. Matapos ang isang oras, of refreshing browsers, switching and wishing something happens, you get directed to this shady site main page:

Edi aakalain mo, okay na. You try browsing for tickets, and while the first time may have glitches the second (*or third) time sends you to a page with ticket prices that look awesomefreakingly normal. Potah. Yan din ang nakita ko na presyo kahapon ah. Mapapakamot ka ng ulo.   

A) They did this crazy sale without even providing what's at stake. So you have no idea what the terms and conditions are (kelan yung promo flights, from where to where).
B) They are prolly using a mirror site na dated 2008 pa. Kasom yung flight dates ay from 2001. Anubayun.
C) Did not anticipate traffic?? C'mon. 
D) 300SGD for a Econolight return ticket from Singapore to Manila is a normal price (na-hike up na nga, at it used to be 230 lang). Asan ang promo dun?

Grr. midnight sale my a**.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

what ive been up to, in 100 words

an ex colleague of mine asked about my whereabouts, through fezbook. This is what I told her. 
And I liked what I saw. :)

im in wk 3 of my taitai programme, and have been eating veggies and all that shit. :P no babies yet-- those nasty critters which is the whole point of my taitaihood, and to put it mildly, im getting impatient. thought i could buy them off grocery shelves. anyway, im trying my best to be zen about it (see funny wall status). oh. some good news--i got into this scholarship for a euro masters. im targetting a phd afterwards (i know, the pressure), so wish me luck. :D and how are yah?

engrish so powderful oredi

You've probably heard about this game called 'Just Cause 2', and this character Bolo Santosi whom now everyone calls the the most annoying voice-over for a female character in a game? Well, the first time I heard her, she sounded very...familiar.

Singaporean lah. And what's so funny is that among the very negative reviews , the citizens of lala land are not owning up. They said it's very different from their Singlish mah. How can be, er? Someone sabo (sabotage) them liddat (like that)?

Oh well. I dunno, but I believe from the countless church lectors I've heard so far, colleagues who've introduced/presented and dramatized in's no joke. That's an educated Singaporean woman without the fancy British accent. Spot on!

Na-exxag daw? Weh. :)

Sabi nga ng isang gamer na kausap ko: 'Hearing her, parang gusto mo talagang pumatay'. :P

Monday, April 12, 2010

Check out the shoebox

You've prolly heard about this project. So...on a good Friday, from 5 am to 2:30 pm (ayan ha, before 3pm yan), some people werqed it. Hindi nalang nalalagay ni fafa jay yung accordion type na salamin sa banyo, pero tapos na sya. yay!!

Check out our :)

All the way from New York...Wedgehead made it.

we heart photoclips!

loved how this was framed, but yuck-- i looked disgusting here.


kitchen-ette. adik sa photoclips.

and this is where we keep our magnetic trophies. :)

that circular thingy? thats jay and his photo clips ideas

uy, retro!

didja see our framed wedding photo? naka-landscape yan, 
at ngayon lang daw nakakita ng ganyang klase ang biyenan ko. :P

the blessing was supposedly scheduled for last Easter. Kaso na overbook yung pari 
na taga-Lourdes (nakakaloka, gusto ko i-habla ang Rufo's. hehe). Buti nalang at anjan si Father. (na super grateful kami, kasi by divine intervention, pauwi na sya ng Palawan that Thursday, so he travelled from Batangas to Manila (airport), en route Ortigas).
 He looks familiar noh? Pogi parin. We are really convinced now that he's our official priest ever. 

Tapos, naisipan naming mag swimming minsan.

At mag party kinagabihan. :)