Friday, August 22, 2008


Kagabi, meron akong ginawang bagay na hindi ko pa ever nagawa sa buhay ko.

Tengkyu Jay, at kinunsinte mo ang kahibangang ito. :) winner ka talaga.


Feeling ko overrated ang iPhone.

Isa syang iPod na may call features. Yun na yun.

Like the iPod, wala syang bluetooth, kaya connectivity-wise, it felt inadequate.

well, may bluetooth pala sya (ayon sa online forums)--pero for making calls lang. Eyng?

Para saan pa ang iSync ng Mac, kung di mo rin naman pala magagamit sa iPhone, diba?

Buti pa yung N95 ko (aptly named Tibs, or Tiburcio), nagagamit mo with the iSync.

With iPhone, kelangan mo pa nung chord. Paano kung magpapa print ka sa picture kiosks?

So tama nga ang hinala ng iba--the product has been based poorly on a mobile backwater site, which is the US.

Baka walang picture kiosks dun. ehehe.

2 mega pixels lang ang camera nya--so in short kelangan mo pang bumili ng mas maayos na camera. Unlike Tiburcio, na halos magpasasa ako sa kakakuha, kahit night mode, meyn!

Pero, unlike Tiburcio na nabili ko at the cost of an arm and leg, mas mura sya.

At unlike (almost) everyone, wala pa akong iPod (as if an iPod shuffle counts. really)

At...ang pinaka nakaka frustrate--nde ko magamit si Tiburcio sa malawakang wifi escapades. Ang screen nya kasi ay parang tanga, at super may-i-use the key pads ang scrolling.

Kaya hoping naman akong mag improve man lang ang product market regarding this feature.

Anyway, sa matagal na pagmumuni muni, naalala kong kelangan ko nang mag renew ng kontrata with my telco.

Naalala ko rin yung first time na bumili ako ng phone (2004)--yung T16 ng ericsson. Halos 200SGD yung tinamaan ng magaling na yun!

Ngayon, sa mas mababang halaga--

pwede na 'to siguro. :) (i think the 2 mega pixels thing is not that bad, anyway)

Timing lang talaga.


Ang utol kong si Charles ay malakas mang-asar.

Kaya naman itong picture na ito ay para sa kanya...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a buhay

Life this week and last week (syntax naman, iha)

ah. the remedy for the broken-hearted: Turtle soup (which I love), and Chunky Monkey (described by the 'patient' as an upbeat form of medication we Pinoys call 'suspension'--you know that of course! yung powder na hinahalo sa pharmacy. yun.)

Silverfish. (dobol with...silverswan (corny queue here))
Tin, after the boxing match. (eep! lookie look at that on her hands!) Uglyworm tries to console her: 'Sa akin naman, ikaw parin ang da best boksingera'.

Jay is trying to be funny here. As you can see, he and uglyworm--they're somewhat similar. 'from now on, i call thee--uglyman'. waha.

I love my very *cheap* shirt!

we celebrated mama's bday last weekend. We roasted some liempo, bangus ang talongs. Its like Sundays back in Laguna. Hayy. miss ko na yun!

Uglyworm is a 'monthsary' gift (yes, we still celebrate our frikkin' monthsary, after almost 9 years of being mag syuta) from uglyguy. :)

I've been trying to look for it in the whole of Singapore when Jay decided to tow me towards Raffles City today. ayayay! andame nila! May maliit malaki--well, you get the drift. Parang pasko na ewan. 
Tin asked: 'Baket ganyan ang mukha mo dyan? Pa kyut?' 
Ako: 'eh, yung photographer ko that time eh, humatsing. ng malakas. Naawa ako sa camera ko'.
dats boy.
dats all.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I've just browsed through Globe's iPhone Plans--Singtel is yet to release theirs. This is one of the biggest ruckus I've ever heard of. Anu yan, mac book?? ginto?? If the fixed plan surprised you, you should check out the prepaid arrangements at a whopping 41K at the least.

Then, there's this news about hackers 'upgrading' to the mac OS. Tangina naman kasi, nauso pa yang mac na yan. nagmura nga, dissolving its point and essence. Masyado nang commercialised. kaya ngayon ang daming taong nagrereklamong yung mac daw nila hindi useful. Bumili dahil uso, ngayon rekla relamong hindi makapag laro, hindi maka-ganito..hay nako. My advice: ng learning curve kse, i-respeto noh. pakers.

Ngayon, paano ko ibibili ang utol ko ng iPhone, eh parang nagbihis nako ng wedding entourage ko sa presyong ganyan?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Wish I was there

Dearest bulinggit ni Meng, alyas kobe, alyas raymart. Pasensya at hindi ako nakapunta ng binyag mo. Sa susunod na binyagan, yaan mo andun nako (yes, Im referring to that, you pervs). Be good always ha. God bless you (oh, ha--meng--may bendisyon pa ni God!) from, ninang.  
p.s. In the words of Sarah (Sharon Cuneta) in her movie 'Sana, pag laki mo, hindi mo sa akin isusumbat yan, na si ninang hindi man lang um-attend ng binyag ko. hmf'. next time, okay po?

Friday, August 8, 2008


Tamagotchi v.04. Bow!
ah. so this is the stuff my classmates in primary school used to brag about. not bad at all.

I dont really think I was deprived as a kid.

under the 'hulugan system', my ate tintin offered (er, was coerced to) her new acquisition for only half the price. Yey!

Yes, Virginia. It isn't called second childhood for nothing.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

extra curricularities

TOP: Sayang Magara: Ginawa ko yaan! ( I made that dress, you wit twit)
BOTTOM: Ah, the things I do to keep my girls happy. AJ undergoes a semi-rebond (before, after)

ah, reality

AJ Profile shot
Originally uploaded by dyowsa

why do people with wavvy hair go for hair 'rebond' or 'relax' during special occasions? why are they called such, anyway, eh wala pa akong nakitang nagpa- relax at nagpa rebond na mukhang relaxed at rebonded (literally)? Usually, sila pa ang mainit ang ulo. Bakech ganun??


Originally uploaded by dyowsa

It was just last Saturday--my two girls were watching Tita Tintin prepare for her company Dinner and Dance when they decided to ask permission to tag along. Baka daw sila manalo sa raffle eh (hoping they'd win the raffle). Stella's dress byt the way, is i made. yes, I dont like making a dresses. I even spun a belt for it, omaygulay! As for AJ--well, she's Natasha Moore, maygoodieness. :) henjoy!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Life, last week

'seryoso itich': second row view, you get Prof Wong's glorious head. :)

My usual self is never really good with celebrating. I think I have this penchant for ‘delays’—delayed reactions, letting feelings sink in first, what have you. Im not really sure why (--yet! But Im getting there), but I think it has something to do with how I would like to project myself as—to myself (make believe) and to others (bad habit). I don’t want to be called an easy reveller—I don’t want to party while the rest of the world is not really doing well (guilt), and I tend to position myself in situations wherein I have to move on ‘right away’—‘I have other things to do’ chenes chervarlin. So, in short—I have this ‘I started a joke’ syndrome (the song)—I always keep my feelings delayed, with hopes that I won’t get all giddy and do something stupid—what the usual spur of the moment usually entitles people to. Okay, so enough of this psycho-analyse me (well, for the moment), because I was able to do two things that are just up my alley last week. And boy oh boy! It was heaven! Sa totoo lang, (to my non Tagalog readers, Im so sorry—but this is where you’ll have to indulge me with my Tagalog. Heh) hindi ako makapaniwala—para syang mini grammy’s (or oscar’s, or nobel prize, or gawad urian) para sa aketch, kasi I was able to conquer my fear (yes, Im not even referring to the event itself). Over the years kasi, para bang ang feeling ko ‘oo nga, lumaki yung mundo ko, pero naman—gusto ko rin namang maki-partake, mag contribute’. I mean, yes—Im here in Singapore, doing research and all those academic and international relations cherva, pero I can’t help it—I used to wish that I’d be more eloquent, more knowledgeable. Ako kasi, hindi ako magsasalita hangga’t hindi ako sigurado. And by sigurado, I mean alam ko yung sinasabi ko. May iba kasi, ewan ko, para may masabi lang. Some people can get away with it, pero haller—in less than a year in this industry, you can tell the difference between those who are just making conversation, and those who know what they’re talking about. And I don’t want to be known as that smart aleck ass who just love throwing in their weight in the guise of a ‘clever question’. That you can do in a class discussion, pero when it comes to a scholarly audience, it is way different. After my M.A. graduation, a new job and some bumps on the road, I had my confidence tarnishing more than ever. Walang practice, walang lahat—thats 2 years after graduation. As in mega low. While attending several conferences, I keep telling myself na kaya ko rin yon, and that I myself can be in front, setting a research agenda, answering questions thrown on the floor. Pero hanggang ganon nalang. So when I transferred to this new job (and after a few more life changing experiences), naisipan kong mag-all the way. Ang lukaret na ako, feeling ko kasi kelangang madami akong magawa ngayong taon kasi nga eh—well, mag iiba na ang buhay ko next year. O diba? Death row ang dating!

Nag submit ako ng abstract, hoping na i-aaprove yung balak kong pag aralan, tapos kahit kunin man lang ako na taga-panuod. My lucky day: na-conference presenter ako. Syempre, ang napili ko pang conference ay hindi pang graduate students (dahil hindi na naman ako nag-ga grad school). Kulang nalang atakihin ako sa puso nung nakita ko yung mga co-presenters ko. Parehong taga Hilagang Amerika. Shit—anu ba ang iniisip ko?? Yung 2 ay head na ng kanya kanyang departamento sa kanilang ‘OMG, sikat at kagandahang’ eskwelahan (okay, fine—Toronto U at UC Berkeley). Lahat sila ay mga PhD holders (meron din namang mga candidates palang. Naknangtokwa—as if that can make me feel beter) AT hindi pa ako tapos sa paper ko. So, ayun nga (taena, humahaba na itong entry ko)—in short, maganda ang kinalabasan ng presentation ko. Ehrm—magandang maganda. Nagustuhan nila yung conclusion ko, na para ba daw ni-set ko yung tone ng migration on a perspective na hindi gasgas. Na cite pa ang study ng lola nyo, na kulang nalang mahulog ako sa upuan nung narinig ko. Ayan. Kaya super thank you kay Lord, at sa lahat ng taong sumagot ng online sarbey ko.

Si Bb Zaide, si ako at si Resto Cruz (na malapit nang maging big time). 'Para tayong asa ibang bansa ah! duh.'

Sa mga bumatikos sa aking mga metodolohiya, mga pananaw, at naging praktis target ko (ikaw yon, Jay). Andun sa kwarto nung nag present ako ang mga hinahangaang iskolars ng rehiyon at ng buong mundo (Wong Gungwu, Shirlena Huang, Filomeno Aguilar, P Cassirino, Ho Kong Chong), at sa totoo lang, hindi ako nanliit. Alam ko ang sinasabi ko siguro. Matatapos ko na ang unang draft ng sinusulat ko, at mailalagay syang working paper sa ARI. Feeling ko naka quota na ako for this year, kaya aasikasuhin ko na yung kasal ko this time (wahaha). Eto nga pala ang mga bagay na nagbigay ‘power’ sa akin nung mga nakaraang araw. Hindi ko na isasama dito sa listahan si Bb Zaide dahil mukhang hindi sya matutuwa kung ihehelera ko sya sa isang uglydoll at zapatos. Pero salamat din, Bb Zaide. Isa kang mahusay na taga pektyur at time keeper. Gudlak sa kangaroos.


kay uglyworm. Madalas ko syang bisitahin dun sa may anthropology shop sa may amin, at hindi ko sya mabili dahil mas gus2 ko sana yung mas maliit na version nya. In fairness, sa kanya ako unang natuwa dun sa hilera ng uglydolls na naka display (sabi ko pa, ay, amoeba! tanga tanga), kaya naman todo na touch ako nung nabasa ko yung description nya (pramis, nakakatawa silang lahat):
Uglyworms want power. The power to do great and wonderful things.
They want your power. You know that thing you do? Uglyworms want to do that. And you know those things you think you can’t do? Uglyworms now you CAN do those things. They think you’re bluffing. Oh what power!

Some Uglyworms are sneaky. Some are crafty. All are hungry...For knowledge...Like where do you keep the carrot cake? How long before ice cream goes bad? Knowledge is power.
I was going through my ‘self doubt’ mode nung nabasa ko sya, kaya medyo naluha ako. Slight lang naman. I know-- Im such a hopeless sap. Im so getting an uglyworm asap.

I ‘gifted’ myself an Onitsuka Tiger shoeses. Yay! I call it a ‘preemptive measure’, an alternative to eating 'cake' (I have this weird notion na you should give anyone a cake, bad news man sya or good news). Hindi pa ako tapos sa paper ko that time, at parang hindi na ako ginaganahan (matapos kong tumawag ng last minute sa ARI, at sabihing male late NA NAMAN ang paper ko. Tsk tsk). The smaller processes like making tables and formatting references were slowing me down, kaya naman naisip ko, ‘Kung ako si Flo (ng Dinner Dash), or si Belle (ng Belle’s Spa), ano ang gagawin ko??’ (tantarantannnn...) bumili ka ng sapatos, para mapabilis ka. Logical!

at syempre, sa boss kong si BY. She's a genius. Without her support (and suggestions), I wouldn't have made a coherent ekek. thanks, boss.