Friday, October 31, 2008

Holga, Bag ni B at Legs ni Chito Miranda

Presenting...da Holga K200/ FEL (thats with Pano adaptor, Fish Eye Lens and Colour Flash Swatches). Pramis. Huli na po ito. a.k.a. the kikay toy (malaking kikay. wahaha)

Da kikay toy has upsurped the fundings of the rica foundation, rumored to finance the kimono fund. and yes--blue is the new kikay. (and while we're at it--blue, that is--my boss who likes wearing her rugged 'apostoles' footwear rushed in my office this afternoon carrying a beybi fenk Channel bag. I almost cried (i thought I'd lost hope). Albeit the colour, it looks very expensive (with a bit of 'acquired' ruggedness on the side--alam mo naman ang boss ko. hehe). Ang panalo eh yung mala-key chain na naka sabit sa bag. Nakasulat kasi sa mala chip na plastic key chain (na kulay blue. susme) eh yung pangalan nya. naloka ako. Parang ibinigay mo sa anak mong nasa gradeschool yung bag mong mahal, at nilagyan nya ng accesories. Pero gayun pa man, astig na astig parin ako. (ehehe). Now, while we're at the subject narin--of my boss, that is--this pathetic looking badge (below) is i bought from SM. And I've been wanting to give it to her. Kaso dyahe. Hindi naman ako sumisipsip. (trulili noh) Pero hindi naman din ako awestruck (tulad nung ibang tao na kilala ko, na naiihi makita lang sya. dyosko. aminin!). Wala lang--She's been doing all these work and projects kasi on Philippine Healthcare Migration, bukod dun sa past project nya on Domestic Helpers (which was so many years ag0. Im pointing this out, kasi may mga migration scholars sa atin na nahuhuli sa balita. Sulat pa ng sulat ng mga bagay na sinulat na ng iba. wehehe. ). So cool lang. Ayun.
The Parokya Band Concert at the Arena.
It was okay. We got the front view--as in ang kuha namin sa camera eh panay pataas. heh. Hindi lahat ng nasa wishlist ko eh nakanta. Tsaka--ayun, ang daming posers. : ) To be honest, my expectations were way up there--so in short, they fell way below. (kritikal ang lola mo eh) Aba--eh favourtie band ko eh! Ayan tuloy, as the quote says 'perfect arrival is never arriving at all'.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My action packed and umaatikabong weekend

Flea market and bargain hunting--whole day Saturday? check.
Testing da seven dollar loot of a toy camera--Saturday afternoon? check.
Birthday party ng inaanak--Sunday afternoon? check.
Parokya ni Edgar concert--Sunday night? check.
Wake up almost noontime on a holiday? check.
Fancy lomo sightseeing in the city--Monday after lunch? check.
Oh, and the month has not ended yet.
Ah yeah.

Some peeks at the pics...
p.s. minassacre ng blogspot ang posted pics ko, kahit na naka medium format na sya. these are supposed to be four-frame pictures, so sa mga magtataka kung ano ang pinagsasasabi kong frames 1 to 4, paki click nyo nlang ang mga larawan for the four frame epek. 

NOTA: all taken by an action sampler. Here's a review (baka kasi hindi nyo ako paniwalaan) at
my first picture taken. lookat da fingering at lens # 3. wah. 

Mga paa: I like how the dots which cut across frames 3 and 4 made this picture a 'film' authentic. 
'Sundays at Holland Village': its da colourful flawah with some
 white guy on a striped shirt in da background. Its very Holland Vee, dabah?

the poster reads: 'He's just my type'. ah yeah.

Jay. tongue out. Waving like mad.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

oh look what I got from the flea market

no. not that grumpy man. (side note: Jay and I--we seem to have this sort of 'talent'-- of including strangers in our pictures. wala lang. nakakaaliw.)

ito po ay tinatawag na actionsampler. isa syang plastik na laruan na kamera. Im sticking with that categorisation, for the very reason that it really is a toy. Its a plastic joy toy. and I got it really really cheap. Mas mahal pa sa kinain ko for lunch today (see chicken rice, which I ate at this nearby kopitiam at Tanjong Pagar). Well, exagg yun. Tipong, tatlong piso nalang, wala pang drinks. san ka pa?
now, the action sampler is--you guess it--a camera with four lenses, each capturing 1/4 of a second. yeah--Im not too confident with what Im saying. (haha) One thing is for sure--its good fun! I cant wait to see how the shots will turn out.

Now, to demonstrate...see the guy running from behind? say, he ran sooo fast that it took him...
quarter of a second to get where he is standing on, right now...this is how frame 1 (above) and 2 (below) of the actionsampler shot will look like. Ngayon, either mabilis talaga si nonoy tumakbo, or mabagal lang magpindot si jay. :)

pics by my iphone fanyang.

Friday, October 24, 2008

this is why I love Friday nights.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Wheelock Place
10 pm, Friday. (day after bday boi's birthday (duh)).
Multi-tasking: people watching, watching that big screen across the street, talking about our 'diana project' and researching over the internet. may debate pa yan. 
the auntie in me prevailed and yes--I ordered tea. Ive been craving for a green tea latte. Masarap din pala itong Moroccan mint tea. 

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Berstday ni Jay

In love with a boy.

My bestfriend, my soulmate,
My night and day.
Who’s inspired me, made me feel special
In so many ways.
Laughed with me, cried with me,
Held my hand every time
So thankful I am now,
To know I’m his, and he’s mine. --> something which took time for me to accept. because you dont 'own' people. but Im not (that) KJ--so payn. i geddit.
I thank God for this boy,
Who will always be one (a boy) at heart.
Through him I’ve seen life’s many colours.
Like Jell-O.
And pop tart.
(yes, I make wedding vows like chaka)

Happy Birthday, manong. i wabs yu. (yihee)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


a.k.a. 'okay na sana ang lahat'.

Today I was treated to lunch by a new acquiantance (who's Japanese, by the way--hm. I wonder why I had to say that. hehe. ah! kasi she told me I could be mistaken for one. take that, hello kitty). Now, I call it 'bribery', kasi Im checking on her report update (for the un-academic, checking on a professor's update doesn't make you anything of a god or what--it means you are managing her project, and you're writing her report soon, so you have to chase her early. So yes--I get lots of bribes everynow and then). I was invited to the posh faculty lounge post lunch, and to my horror--introduced to other scholars while on my pair of 'takokong' shorts. Well, I looked presentable waist up, but my shorts and high metallic havaianas are--well, what turned out to be an epitome of 'cool' (in short, inappriate). Ngayon, okay na sana ang lahat nang-- dumaan pa kami sa japanese contingent while on their 'gasp!' traditional japanese tea ceremony. You can imagine how it looked-- in my futile attempt to distract everyone off my 'uber cool' (read: inappropriate attire), napapunta pa ako sa lugar na kitang kita ng lahat ang pambaba kong kasuotan (dahil sa mababa ang mesa ng jap tea ceremonies--sa mga nde wide reader. hehe). at yun lang ang kita nila ever. shorts at havaianas. josko. take me lawrd. dapat pala nag hand stand nalang ako.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Notes to myself

1. Look out for more bargain hunts (coz you're slacking these days)
and this, my friends, is on a regular office hour. aylavit.

call me paranoid, but singaporeans--hell, they live to queue. seryoso.
2. Get the freakin kimono by Christmas time, i dunno--get a wig or something, for your girls (whatever happened to that wardrobe project??). crammer deluxe.

picture of the week. teehee.
3. pick up tempo on preps
4. lose some weight (nako)

that's me and my trolley (background). I love moving boxes, its my destiny.

Ah yes.

Dear Santa (or God--or any generous sponsors) I want the following for my girls: a camera, a pair of colourful kimonos, a wardrobe set and more nice clothes. that's all.

eto pa po

Friday, October 17, 2008

how it felt

When everything is darn changing too fast,
and you just feel harassed
unseen, un-minded
You just can't help but be angry.
At that new kid in town,
who looks exactly like you, but is not you.
who is meant to replace--to take some of whats yours away.
and yet you have to be rational, and level headed about it.
'Make sense of this monster called change'.
when all the while, your heart is breaking into pieces.
And you wish so hard you can cry.
'that they just leave me alone to die.'

photo credit to betsyjean'79

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Prep #1: itchiness

wala lang, Ive been wanting to share our wedding invitation design for like--months now.
kaya naman nag tumbling ako nung binigyan ako ni manong Jay ng go signal.
Eto ha--I think our wedding theme is not just about travel per se, but more of those things we love--travel being on top of the list (that and good food). Then again there are other things: neoprints, cool weather and exotic views ( i mean helloo--its got a view of a semi-active volcano within a lake within a volcano), not to mention live music and soundtracks. It also revolves around the colours green (jay's), purple (rica's) and black (which we both love). Thats it basically. Aside from our desire to keep it 'a bit' unconventional (we have invited some tradition-laced (aka oldies) people which are truly close to our hearts, so we're behaving. 'a bit'.)
Naalala ko tuloy-- a couple of our friends whom we invited verbally would always joke 'pag may kasamang ticket yung invite, sige punta kami' (if an airtix is included in the invite, then we'll go).
Tsk tsk. Ayun naman pala eh. They better be saying the truth.
gusto ko nang mag post ng iba pa--yung map at mga chuva, kaso nek post naman. anu ako, excited? :) Ay, ito nga pala po ay DIY--credits to Jay for the design at labour. AT sa mga taong magsasabing 'ay, gudlak sa printing nyo', may maganda akong balita: na print na namin at maganda naman ang kinalabasan. (take that, ah yeah)
at dahil mahal ko kayo...eto pa:
(look for the external link. kikiligin kang tunay (well, it worked for some))

ayun naman pala

Pictures nicked from Kim.
Sa totoo lang, I once told myself I will never ever evah get my picture taken near those three humungous albeit tacky 'mobile' letters.
But for the love of my university years-- friends I made and all those memories I shared with them, I just ate my word (with garnish).
Oh hey--I just realised I already have two lawyer-girlfriends.
Teresa (in--guess what? yellow!), by the way is still available.
Any takers? (im her official pimp, next to Kim)

'Take that, Tiya Pusit!' (ay, personal joke. meanie)

lookielook at my grin. Kmukha ko si Mojacko na naka juts.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Wala lang. Sa mga usyoseras, ito yung part na tinatawag na 'reject' -slash- 'inspired by'.

before anything else--and this is a rare occasion I tell you--I would like to thank that boy, Jay.
isa syang magaling na arkitekto. And by 'architect' i mean someone who makes things happen.
da best ka talaga, pare.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Kids Names

tagged by mommyontop

Tag: Our Kids Names
List all of your kids’ names, or even just one. Its up to you. Write down the story or the reason why you chose it. If you’re expecting or planning to have more kids and already have a name for them….list them down too.

Nako, even before we got engaged, Jay and I have been talking about what to name our kids in the future. I have personal favourites din kasi, so even before I had a steady boyfriend (which was eons ago, thanks to jay and divine intervention), I have names na in mind. I think its a girl thing. hehe. Wala lang, may mga names lang na gusto ko, like Laurice. Cguro kung pwede lang magpalit ng pangalan nung bata ako, I'd name myself Laurice. Ewan ko kung baket. Anyway--here's a peek at 'our' picks. (brace yourself, this is not a one boy one girl list. heh)

1. Stella Galadriel- aka SG, Stella, Elle. Stella--kasi it means 'star'-- 'bright'--istariray. Ayoko nang masyadong girlaloo na pangalan, at baka lalong mapabilis ang init ng ulo ko pag nagdalaga na sya. I was also thinking Estrella, kaso parang bakery ng hopia. Yung Galadriel--obviously, I'm saving her the effort to convert her name into 'LOTR' elvish. hehe. On the side, Stella Mcartney is a great young designer. Wala lang--parang astig eh. Stella. Wag lang mare remake yung 'ella, ella , ella' ni Rihanna, okay na sya. Tapos yung Galadriel--gusto lang naming mahirapan sa NSO, at mga certificates. Gusto din naming mahirapan sya sa pagse shade sa mga entrance exams, NEAT, at kahit sa mga exams sa school. Tiyak na hihingi na yun ng affidavit for change of name, bata pa lang.

2. Agnes Josephine-- aka AJ. Pwede ding Agnes (kung magiging mabait syang bata ever), or Josie (na pangalan ni Drew Barrymore sa 'Never been Kissed' at locally--pangalan ng labandera nung kaibigan kong si Alvie). Eto, obviously is connected to mine and Jay's name. Feeling ko kakaunti palang ang Agnes Josephine sa mundo--parang Rica Agnes yan eh-- kung meron man, limited stock.

3. Francis Isaac (pronounced as 'AY-SIC') - aka kiko. eh ano pa nga ba. sisihin yung idol ni Jay. talaga namang ipapa-seminar ko ang taong nde maka-gets nito. yung Isaac part--ah, ayan yung gusto naming character sa 'HEROES', yung nakakapag paint ng future (kaso, na dedo sya sa season 1 palang. tsk tsk. ) Sa mga taong HEROES fanatic na magsasabing 'eh baket hindi nalang si Peter ang character mo? kaya nya lahat'. eh utang na loob. ikaw na at ang isang milyong viewers si Peter.

4. Henry Raphael -aka raprap. Malamang pagtanda nya, at tampulan sya ng alaska, dahil isa syang basista, tapos 'raprap' and pangalan nya, ide declare nyang Henry nalang ang gamitin. On our side of the family kasi, all the boys are 'Henrys'--from my father. Anyway, yang Raphael, ang malalim na explanation nyan eh character yan ni Jay sa Soul Calibur (na nagchampion nga pala sya nung last tournament). Kung pwede lang sanang 'Talim' ang ipangalan ko sa anak ko, edi sana mas masaya.

ngayon, i tag thee-- tinays, kat at patty

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Walang awa mode

Kauuwi lang namin ng pinas.
araw araw kaming halos nasa divisoria,
kung hindi sa tagaytay.
Nagmistulang usual Singapore and schedule namin,
(inisip naming pwede talagang magpalipat lipat from one place to another in a short amount of time, at gawin ang isang damakmak na tasks sa loob ng isang araw. Eto pa--sa loob ng isang linggo)
at dahil dyan...
Pati sa toilet break, nakakatulog ako. 
sa pagod.
mukha akong hilong talilong, at malapit nang magtampo ang tatay ko dahil mala-driver lang yata ang papel nya. (na ni-reassure kong hindi naman--sabay abot ng suhol).
Nakakatuwang ang dami naming nagawa.
at nakakainis, kasi nde pa tapos.
may utang tuloy akong side kwento, pictures at voltron na hapy meal sa inaanak kong si raymart. ang masaya pa dyan eh this month is also a busy month (3 inaanak ang magbe bertday, isang bata ang bibinyagan, isang kaibigan ang nanganak, at bertday ng anak kong si jay).
Babawi lang ako ng tulog, lemme get back to you asap.

p.s. AT! nanalo daw ang team renault c/o Alonso and Piquet (sympre, kasama na si Piquet. Sya ang tunay na winner! haha). ang saya naman!