Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ayun naman pala

Pictures nicked from Kim.
Sa totoo lang, I once told myself I will never ever evah get my picture taken near those three humungous albeit tacky 'mobile' letters.
But for the love of my university years-- friends I made and all those memories I shared with them, I just ate my word (with garnish).
Oh hey--I just realised I already have two lawyer-girlfriends.
Teresa (in--guess what? yellow!), by the way is still available.
Any takers? (im her official pimp, next to Kim)

'Take that, Tiya Pusit!' (ay, personal joke. meanie)

lookielook at my grin. Kmukha ko si Mojacko na naka juts.


fortuitous faery said...

hurray for photo ops at the UST letter blocks! i had my own photo session there during my vacation in march. hehe.

The Becky said...

you did?? I need proofs! share the misery. hehe.

Anonymous said...


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