Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Dumating na ang payslip namin.
Unlike other offices who get their pay advice system electronically,
My office sticks with the traditional carbonised copy na kalahati nang bond paper and laki.
Ah… ambango. Mainit init pa!
Para bang sinasabi na ‘this is sacred’.
Ah…bango talaga.
The holy grail came in this morning.
Not bad for a mid week treat.
I don’t usually like Wednesdays (and Mondays, and Tuesdays…),
But today is a special day—kaya pala naka high heels ang epek ni akech. Wahaha.
At... ano itong seremonyas na ‘ itatago ko muna sa drawer ko, at pag wala nang tao sa labas nang office ko dahan dahn kong ilalabas, with matching may-I-punit the perforated sides’ diba,
As if naman nababago ang sweldo mo buwan buwan.
Sa last week nang December mo yan gawin,
Tignan natin kung hindi ka atakihin sa puso.
(enter soundtrack: for the first time....)

Ehehe…2 months to go pa.

Monday, October 29, 2007

My life, two weeks ago

Here's a visual account of my 'i keep coming back to Manila' drama--that's two weeks ago. (Now, apologies to Issen's inay--covert operation and palitan natin nang kalakal, kaya di documented. :) Enjoy!

Nothing can top

seeing your family and eating with them. again.

seeing a loved one all grown up, yet nothing's changed

being witness to a celebration of love and a start of a lifetime
(with front row seats, and I mean it literally)

in a place where 'heavenly' is an apt description

and you can still ham it up with friends

and together, 'shoot the sun'

be entertained (Rey's first kiss. Dont ask why)

and have your own fill.

...realising that you actually made someone's day

just by being there

...the opportunity to get back to all these things you
miss, and have always craved for, knowing that 'visits',
just like any good thing, has got to have an end

and so you thank God for them.
and wait for 'next time'. again.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Got tagged by Misis Frost

Disclaimer: The rules may sound redundant, but I did not make them. It's spreading around like wildfire so I guess tracing the source can take a lot of time.

THE RULES - List of 8

* write 8 facts about yourself.
* in the 8 facts, you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. at the end, you tag as much other bloggers to keep the fun going. each blogger must post these rules first.
* each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* at the end of the post, a blogger needs to choose as much people to get tagged and list their names.
* don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. The flute is only musical instrument I know how to play with
2. been stitched up very early (4 years old) and a couple of times (head concussion, with stitches on the side of my forehead, 'the gory palm episode', etc--eep!)
3. Im a kamot girl. Itchy? kamot. (my mom is amazed though--I frequently get wounds from scratching too hard, but never had those ugly peklats from them)
4. what I really wanted to be when I was growing up: fashion designer, at the age of 9. Journalist at the age of 12.
5. Ive always worn my hair very short.
6. I only have one childhood crush, and that moment I got to see him in person I totally freaked out (and I was, like, 7 years old?) hint: number 16, el capitan...(wehehe)
7. My parents came from the opposite 'ends' of luzon island--Abulug Cagayan and San Juan Batangas
8. I like to travel. I am currently saving up for two trips: HongKong-Macau over the holidays, and Spain for next year. No kidding.

And I'm tagging tinay, iceeh, goria, kooting (aka char char--baka magalit eh!) and mey

Pic of the week

Well, okay--not for this week. But two weeks ago. I have no idea who he is, but definitely a relative of either Gel or Janice. This kid is just darn too cute. He's just standing there, too focused to be bothered by the chaotic 'to and fro' of everyone else. I hounded him with a few shots. Kamuntik ko na syang iuwi, pramis.

Friday, October 26, 2007


1) My all time favourite dessert
2) da freshness comes in yellow (and sauce)
3) happy birthday 4) comfort food deserve to be happy.
Very happy.
Now get your butt off, and paarteehhyy.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Part 2: By the River Singapura I Sat Down and...

By the River Singapura I sat down and....

'tis things that are under the bridge
over-exposure. but i like. :)
full frontal. 8 out of 10 of those who take pictures of this merlion have it's 'side view',
but never its frontal. teehee.
this looked lonely. wanted to call this 'they had to dim the lights' (an allusion to the Singapore's intolerance to things creative and different). (hala ka!)

taken by a Nokia N95.

That two year itch

Turning two years on December, my long time obsession with buying a real estate property 'down South' has been so anomalous even my parents joined in. And yes--its the same property Ive been eyeing. Two years. hah! Parang manliligaw. Funny thing is--they've (they, meaning my barangay of a family, my friends--even kuya albert, our 'occasional driver') all seen it (the model houses, the community), and I havent. So hanggang picture lang ako lagi. (Two years?? gee)

Anyway, two weeks ago, to the tune of 'wish ko lang' reality Tv, I finally got to meet Georgia Club face to face, with matching picture ops sa porch, sa gazebo, atbp--yihee! (now, those pictures Im not posting, at masyadong nahatak ang fez ko due to the widest set of grins I have in them--too unflattering). teehee.

Now, these are obviously two different units of model houses.
The beige one is bigger, with an attic, and bedrooms with walk in closets. Two car garage, sympre. him and her. haha. Well, minus the attic yung blue house. What Im actually looking for, for the meantime is just a 'lot'. Ive already spoken with an agent regarding this (yeah, two years), and have been informed that Georgia actually have a few. Im yet to discuss building restrictions, especially since its apparent that since the community has this 'Victorian theme' going on. I mean, Im okay with it on the outside--looks very cozy kasi. But on the inside, Im thinking 'very modern'--clean, zen cherva. :) oh well...

Just a few snap shots. Enjoy!

P.S. so, did I finally decide to get one? Uh...erhm...Im getting there. Two years is tad too wink woot)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Analyse This

Raw pityur nang bago kong kliyente.
-maputla na, sobra.
-ga-brown ang mata (naks), pero maputla din
-kelangang magpa bleach nang ngipin (coffee stains, tsk tsk)
-iayos ang kilay (mukha nang kirara)
-Mukhang pagod.
-Bagong ligo ba yan? Basa ang buhok eh.
-mukhang madaming issues.
-workaholic (nasa kama ang bag--anung oras na ba?)
- konting exercise, iha
-mukhang malungkot. medyo. awww. eklat.
o, anung tinatawa tawa mo dyan?
-pic taken last night. wala, olats ka na.

Im SO getting good at this

Sabi nang pangatlo sa pinaka paborito kong tao dito sa mundo (hint hint) habang nagtitimpla ako nang kape kaninang umaga:

paboritokitahayupka:oy, you're wearing red.
ako: (halo ang kape, sabay tingin pailalim) and you're wearing orange. shocking
paboritokitahayupka: (tili-laugh) its shocking orange
ako: just shocking
paboritokitahayupka: we match
ako: (punyeta) (tries ko look cool) sorry?
paboritokitahayupka: we match. our shades match
ako: (hawak sa mug nang mabuti, at baka manghagis nang kapeng mainit) like bedsheet.
(walk away, dali)
paboritokitahayupka: (read the comment as a sly, sexy remark) haha. (bwelta nang mabilis) having lunch at..
ako: (mabilis na cut) no. im not having lunch with you. sorry. (bading)

short and sweet.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Breaking the code

It took me 5 mins (lang naman) to figure this out. All I wanted was an ‘enye’ –an N with a curly queue on top. Aba’y matigas ang ulo ni keyboard, ayaw. Kaya what follows is a trial and error phase, na super laugh trip na para bang gus2 mo nang magalit at magmura. Naknampotah, syempre hindi ko naisip na ctl+alt 168 pala ang combination , para maibalik ang monitor ko sa tamang pag iisip (at baket kasi hindi ako humungi nang tulong? ayoko nga. napag isipan kong kaya ko tong lutasin. im a grown girl--erm--woman. tsaka, helloo...nakakatawa sya ha, Im not in a generous mood to make one person's day).

Bwiset. (sa mga makakahalata--oo na nga!)

Linis day. Sunday.

Oh my, I felt so accomplished. Nalabhan ko lahat, pati bedsheets at twalya. Once done, I suddenly felt chills--like Im ill, or something. I just realised my room smelt of hospital disinfectant--when no germs can't play. I have this weird habit of 'disinfecting' the sheets kse eh (uh, oh...psycho), before I sleep into any bed--even in hotel beds (i know, freaky). So, there was I, naghihingalo sa kama (fresh bed sheets), when it dawned unto me that the probable reason I feel too weak is that my room is clean. ehehe. gawdlord! Germs ka nga.

May kalokohan akong ginawa nung umuwi ako, and its in a form of a small Christmas tree. as in, small. desktop ba. hello, if I get anything bigger, then it's very inconvenient. This one I even chucked inside my maleta. Ehehe. Foldable daw eh, sabi nung miss sa national bookstore. teehee. anyway, you'll only get to see our small 'pikoy' (o diba, may pangalan pa) after halloween. For some reason, feeling namin ni chito na kelangang palagpasin muna ang halloween. Oh. Im also looking into 'redecorating' for the holidays. Naks, for a small space, and daming ambisyon nang lola mo. Pictures below show our humble abode's current state (yes, thats my coffee on the table. with pinainit na munchkins on the side (1 week old! pwede pa!) Now, the bamboo sticks chenes is one consideration kaya I chose a smaller 'tree'--more like a shrub :). I mean, ala namang itago ko pa sya, as that spot these sticks presently occupy is perfect for a bigger tree. Saan ko naman sya ilalagay, diba? Sa banyo? So, anyway, as Ive decided to go for ‘pikoy’ (luv the name), Chet can’t help but get ‘involved’ (ahaha—peace tayo!). Sabi pa nya, ‘tamang tama, bili ako mga sabit sa—‘ he stopped on his tracks when he saw pikoy’s ‘grand’ height. ‘Okay…konting sabit lang pala ito’. Haha. We haven’t settled between the dining table or the TV console for pikoy’s spot in the house:

RC: kung sa may TV, baka naman matakpan yang TV
Chet: okay lang yan. Panget naman yang TV eh, para matakpan
RC: Lagyan natin nang xmas lights! (ambisyosa talaga)
Chet: Pwede
RC: Kaso, baka masunugan tayo, malapit sa TV eh
Chet: Well, yung nga ang goal—kung masusunog yung TV, okay na.
(looks at each other, with evil laugh)
RC: Eh, kung sa dining?
Chet: Baka naman din a masyado makita, alam mo na, matatakpan nang gifts
RC: (gustong mautot sa kakatawa) oh, gifts. Ang lalaki naman nang gifts natin, kung ganon.
Chet: oo naman. Regaluhan natin ang sarili natin.
RC: nang TV…. Ibalot natin ha
Chet: correct

Nde naman kayo excited, ano?

Two weeks

It only took two weeks. two weeks to break my heart.
two weeks of pep talk,
two long weeks of whining and tearful realisations.
two weeks of hoping, waiting, nudging.
of new memories that will, once again, change one's course of life.

It was a happy two-weekender.
brought smiles, pain and weak heartedness
that if I'd have to live it all again,
I'd do the same things.

There's no looking back, at mukhang galit na ang mga fans ko
'you're not listening naman. we've talked about this yesterday na' in a malambing note which i bet will turn sour if i'd do an encore performance. 'ah, leche ka. tigas ulo mo'.

nga pala...thanks. to all of you--(drum roll): sa 'core' group nang thats entertainment, kay boss, sa kumare ni qadaffi at sa nanay at tatay ko (oh yeah--involved!). never expected that such enlightenment can come from beer, chat marathons and boredom.

Two weeks.
at least mas matagal naman sa shelf live nang tinapay.

sabi nga nung isa--its about time. that I learn to forgive. myself.
ah, geesh.
drum roll ulet.

may chakit

Si Issen boy po, anak nang mga magulang nyang muntik nang masipa sa makati med sa kadahilanang 'long time fantasy', ay naka confine sa ospital (aba'y ibang ospital na cguro, gawa nang na shock ang buong makati med nang makitang...eherm...).

Ipag pray po nating syang gumaling na. Ipag pray din nating hindi na sila ulet ma isyuhan nang warning (warning lang naman pala) nang management nang dahil lang sa: 1)walang bintana ang kwarto 2)malamig 3)cuddly si itay 4)solid ang pinto 5)nangangalabit si nanay 6)mukhang willing si nurse betty.

me thinks... I make a good tabloid writer. Ohhh. Nice!

Oy, Issen...git well soon!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

thank God for pritong talong

this made my night. there's something very gratifying to a simple tasting food matched with a semi complex sauce. to cut the crap, masarap ang pritong talong kapag may sawsawang toyo with calamansi. oh, by the way, that eggplant has been vegetating (pun intended) for some time sa fridge namin. that, and chet's pechay. they've basically set up a community there (yes, im referring to the veggies)--raised kids and grown old. Puno na nga yung pechay eh. But of course you've never met the veteran pork giniling--andun parin sya. May mga anak na nga, mga baby giniling na kaka-kyut.


I find this very weird.
Anyway, will try to get used to this,
probably load some pictures first,
as Im trying to get the tempo.

Gee, its just a freakin' new blog, rics.
Easy ka lang.