Monday, October 29, 2007

My life, two weeks ago

Here's a visual account of my 'i keep coming back to Manila' drama--that's two weeks ago. (Now, apologies to Issen's inay--covert operation and palitan natin nang kalakal, kaya di documented. :) Enjoy!

Nothing can top

seeing your family and eating with them. again.

seeing a loved one all grown up, yet nothing's changed

being witness to a celebration of love and a start of a lifetime
(with front row seats, and I mean it literally)

in a place where 'heavenly' is an apt description

and you can still ham it up with friends

and together, 'shoot the sun'

be entertained (Rey's first kiss. Dont ask why)

and have your own fill.

...realising that you actually made someone's day

just by being there

...the opportunity to get back to all these things you
miss, and have always craved for, knowing that 'visits',
just like any good thing, has got to have an end

and so you thank God for them.
and wait for 'next time'. again.


Issen's inay said...

anong palitan ng kalakal ang sinasabi mo? eh wala naman akong pinalit sa dinala mo. wala kundi payong kaibigan lamang. hehehe.

no prob, understood that the meeting was off the record.

homecomings (or should i say "home visits") suck and are nice at the same time, no? they suck because they give you trips to memory lanes that makes you wish you could stay longer. they are nice because they kinda "recharge" you for another "lonely" journey on another time zone.

till we meet again.

Owen said...

hey the becky, i always look forward to trips back home.

friend mo din pala sina vans and chu? small world ey!

thanks for dropping by my page. sige ill update it ASAP. hahaha!

napakasecret naman yung isa mong page.