Monday, October 22, 2007

Two weeks

It only took two weeks. two weeks to break my heart.
two weeks of pep talk,
two long weeks of whining and tearful realisations.
two weeks of hoping, waiting, nudging.
of new memories that will, once again, change one's course of life.

It was a happy two-weekender.
brought smiles, pain and weak heartedness
that if I'd have to live it all again,
I'd do the same things.

There's no looking back, at mukhang galit na ang mga fans ko
'you're not listening naman. we've talked about this yesterday na' in a malambing note which i bet will turn sour if i'd do an encore performance. 'ah, leche ka. tigas ulo mo'.

nga pala...thanks. to all of you--(drum roll): sa 'core' group nang thats entertainment, kay boss, sa kumare ni qadaffi at sa nanay at tatay ko (oh yeah--involved!). never expected that such enlightenment can come from beer, chat marathons and boredom.

Two weeks.
at least mas matagal naman sa shelf live nang tinapay.

sabi nga nung isa--its about time. that I learn to forgive. myself.
ah, geesh.
drum roll ulet.

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