Wednesday, October 24, 2007

That two year itch

Turning two years on December, my long time obsession with buying a real estate property 'down South' has been so anomalous even my parents joined in. And yes--its the same property Ive been eyeing. Two years. hah! Parang manliligaw. Funny thing is--they've (they, meaning my barangay of a family, my friends--even kuya albert, our 'occasional driver') all seen it (the model houses, the community), and I havent. So hanggang picture lang ako lagi. (Two years?? gee)

Anyway, two weeks ago, to the tune of 'wish ko lang' reality Tv, I finally got to meet Georgia Club face to face, with matching picture ops sa porch, sa gazebo, atbp--yihee! (now, those pictures Im not posting, at masyadong nahatak ang fez ko due to the widest set of grins I have in them--too unflattering). teehee.

Now, these are obviously two different units of model houses.
The beige one is bigger, with an attic, and bedrooms with walk in closets. Two car garage, sympre. him and her. haha. Well, minus the attic yung blue house. What Im actually looking for, for the meantime is just a 'lot'. Ive already spoken with an agent regarding this (yeah, two years), and have been informed that Georgia actually have a few. Im yet to discuss building restrictions, especially since its apparent that since the community has this 'Victorian theme' going on. I mean, Im okay with it on the outside--looks very cozy kasi. But on the inside, Im thinking 'very modern'--clean, zen cherva. :) oh well...

Just a few snap shots. Enjoy!

P.S. so, did I finally decide to get one? Uh...erhm...Im getting there. Two years is tad too wink woot)

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