Thursday, April 30, 2009

Itchy Feet (and when it's not fungal infection)

Thanks to the swine flu-induced travel advisory. Now, I dont feel THAT bad whenever I daydream my way to another overseas adventure. I think one eight (okay, 2 eights. haha) of my day revolves around planning for another trip. I cracked the habit last year, when planning our wedding. Now feeling a few weeks short of a decent honeymoon (i mean, Boracay was decent and okay--but i want something *eherm* 'foreign'), Jay and I have been discussing plans come end of this year (due to financial constraints, limited annual leaves and the NBA season (asa ka pa), it's gotta be between end of third quarter and early fourth quarter). Eh, anak ng tokwa, talagang hindi nako mapakali eh noh.

Gusto ko sanang tumawad ng mas maagang shorter trip, pero sayang naman, we both agreed earlier na wala munang magba back tracking, so we can't go back to Tokyo (ang kyoot sana kung may cherry blossoms background ang birthday picture ko. o ng fuji-san, with the sake in hand. omaygad!) or Hong Kong (syet, ilang wig ng manika ang mapapakyaw ko? may side-part na wig kaya dun? ilang sugarmag outfits kaya ang kasya sa maleta ko, genuine man or japeks??) I know, and OA, pero totoo itong scenario na ito--nanginginig nginig pa.

Until now we havent decided on whether we should go to the land of stone cold ice cream--that one with a French lady statue as national symbol(and it's not even France), or go 'old school' via the empires of the past and their quaint commuter towns and cities. So while practicing restraint, I just make plans. Aimlessly. I know, pathetic. Gumagawa ako ng iterinary, research ever on how to navigate the entire euro railway (if in case it's europa) from london to prague. Tumitingin ako ng cheap domestic flights from San Fran to NYC, just to get an idea how much this trip will cost us. Inaalam ko na nga rin kung magkano ang tickets ng:

-isang NBA game (well, two games, kasi napilitan lang ako sa Lakers game, at maiinggit si Jay sa Knicks game ko. harhar)

- coldplay concert sa Wembley, Parc des Princes o Estudi Olimpic (dahil manunuod ako nito! hah!)

Ngayon, kung tuloy ang Inglatera-Pransya-Espanya-Italia tour, eto sana ang gusto kong makita sa first leg of our trip:


Ben Ben. Dahil maganda syang litratuhan sa gabi.(mapapansin nyong halos lahat ng gusto kong landmark ay magandang litratuhan sa gabi)

London Bridge ( falling done, falling down...)

Sila, sa Wembley.

and something like this (at Piccadilly Circus), kasi wala pang ganito sa Ayala at sa Orchard (at this caliber, take note). haha.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i knew it...

You've been pondering on what to do with your insignificant career life, shivered at the thought of what lies ahead of someone 'trying' to be an academic, much less suspect that your master's degree is a fluke when all of a sudden you get a heading like this in your email inbox (and it's not even spam. sigh):

Be an Office Acrobat today and win great prizes!

lemme get that trampouline. teka lang.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On the brink..

I'm trying my best to *cram* for my somewhat thesis proposal for graduate school (im baack--well, not so soon, but getting there). So far I've made two (wadapak) of 'em half cooked bitches. Ah yes, I make thesis proposals (and business write ups) when I'm bored.

Here's something very related to thesis proposal # 1:

aside form the hilarity, it speaks uncanny truth on the issue of the day, aka the 10% of the country's domestic output, the 'pillar' of the domestic economy and the very reason why the Philippines is not in recession. NOT YET.

And oh--I still haven't decided on what to discipline I should get eternally damned for-- Political Science or Geography. (well i thought I've decided on pol sci already, pero ewan ko ba, parang walang masyadong puso eh. hehe) Ayun, nag iisip parin ako ever.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Aide Memoire**: Boracay, two months ago

**Something, such as a mnemonic device, that serves as an aid to memory. (reads: now don't get me started on mnemonic)

Ayayay...I forgot to post pictures from our Boracay trip. :P
Oh well--dahil kaka-summer lang naman, at holy week na (so official summer na next week), here are pictures to jump start the season of sun, fun and beach sand (this is me pathetically trying to rhyme). May your days be merry and bright!

from my iPhone, Fanyang.

favourite bora picture #1,595. heh.

i love boracay


et et. ang kyoot!


all smiles

sunset shot

manny's crib

'i would like to thank my...'



fire woe-man


tinamad nakong mag captions. ahaha.
eto pa yung iba... click me.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dealer ng D...

D. dolls. (and what were you thinking?) :)

Im doing inventory (naaks) on the doll(s) I have on stock, those scheduled for pre order, and those ready to be available in Manila soon when I realised that I havent posted anything on rumoured releases come next month and beyond.

Le Jardin de Maman (French for Mother Garden) is CWC's repro-version of Blythe Grand Prix (reads: hard core ito) 'Natural Category' winner 'Le Jardin de Maman' by Jobberwocks.

Here's an actual Picture of the winning doll:

and here is the promo picture (below). Aren't you a bit thankful they're releasing a more marketable (toned down) version of the doll? And aren't you just happy that the minimal LBD (little black dress) still tops the chart in fashion? :) Imagine lugging a picture frame on your skirt. hah! that's it...the butterflies got me.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sarbey says…

May nabalitaan kang nilooban kahapon.

Ayon sa mga sarbey, ano ang top 2 things na nakuha ng magnanakaw?



Malaking halaga nang pera, na sobrang labo—naka lagay lang sya sa drawer ng mga medyas mo?

-Ching ching! Tama.


-Pft. Mali.


-Close. Nasa top three sya, pero nde top two.


-No. Isiping mabuti. Pilipinas ang scenario mo.


-Ah yes. Tumpak!


Naisip ko lang ito, kasi nabalitaan kong nalooban yung bahay na tinutuluyan ng kaibigan ko dyan sa Balestier (context: panay Filipino sila sa bahay). Nde daw kasi nakapag lock ng pinto yung mag anak na kasama nila (take note, sila lang ang nanakawan). Sa gitna ng pagsususpetsa, naitanong ko kung ano ang mga nakuha. Pera daw nang opisina. AT! alahas.

Suddenly, it was circa ‘Palibhasa Lalake’ all over again, kasama ng ‘Chikachicks’ sa prime time. Parang may pagka-vintage sa mga pangyayari, natawa tuloy ako.

Buti nalang at hindi ako mahilig sa alahas. Hindi din ako mahilig mag uwi ng pera ng opisina.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009