Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dealer ng D...

D. dolls. (and what were you thinking?) :)

Im doing inventory (naaks) on the doll(s) I have on stock, those scheduled for pre order, and those ready to be available in Manila soon when I realised that I havent posted anything on rumoured releases come next month and beyond.

Le Jardin de Maman (French for Mother Garden) is CWC's repro-version of Blythe Grand Prix (reads: hard core ito) 'Natural Category' winner 'Le Jardin de Maman' by Jobberwocks.

Here's an actual Picture of the winning doll:

and here is the promo picture (below). Aren't you a bit thankful they're releasing a more marketable (toned down) version of the doll? And aren't you just happy that the minimal LBD (little black dress) still tops the chart in fashion? :) Imagine lugging a picture frame on your skirt. hah! that's it...the butterflies got me.

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