Friday, April 10, 2009

Aide Memoire**: Boracay, two months ago

**Something, such as a mnemonic device, that serves as an aid to memory. (reads: now don't get me started on mnemonic)

Ayayay...I forgot to post pictures from our Boracay trip. :P
Oh well--dahil kaka-summer lang naman, at holy week na (so official summer na next week), here are pictures to jump start the season of sun, fun and beach sand (this is me pathetically trying to rhyme). May your days be merry and bright!

from my iPhone, Fanyang.

favourite bora picture #1,595. heh.

i love boracay


et et. ang kyoot!


all smiles

sunset shot

manny's crib

'i would like to thank my...'



fire woe-man


tinamad nakong mag captions. ahaha.
eto pa yung iba... click me.