Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On the brink..

I'm trying my best to *cram* for my somewhat thesis proposal for graduate school (im baack--well, not so soon, but getting there). So far I've made two (wadapak) of 'em half cooked bitches. Ah yes, I make thesis proposals (and business write ups) when I'm bored.

Here's something very related to thesis proposal # 1:

aside form the hilarity, it speaks uncanny truth on the issue of the day, aka the 10% of the country's domestic output, the 'pillar' of the domestic economy and the very reason why the Philippines is not in recession. NOT YET.

And oh--I still haven't decided on what to discipline I should get eternally damned for-- Political Science or Geography. (well i thought I've decided on pol sci already, pero ewan ko ba, parang walang masyadong puso eh. hehe) Ayun, nag iisip parin ako ever.

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