Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pinaiiyak ako ng Flickr Uploader for Mac

Naiinis na ako sa Mac. or sa Flickr. or sa ewan. 
Ayon sa mga online usyusero, may bug daw yung flickr uploader for mac.
I've been using this app for quite some time now, at hindi naman ako minamalas.
Ngayon lang. Well--2 days ago lang.
Nakakainis, kasi mga limang beses na akong nagpaulit ulit ng gagawin: ia-upload, then check kung okay, then edit info.
susme, yung unang beses mga tipong 3-5 of the same picture yung lumalabas. the second time, I had to edit out the info I posted, as 5 of the same thing (typed words) appeared.
Tapos, hindi na mag appear sa flickr yung ni post ko, pero andun naman--I can see them whenever I log in.
Tapos after so many modifications and thinkering, ang lumalabas lang eh screen na may static chenes. 
AT! nde parin sya ayos. (now Im attempting to upload manually)

Nako. Ililipat ko na nga lang ang mga ito sa multiply ko. ngrr.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Whats your motif?

Eto ang isa sa mga pinaka gasgas na tanong ever sa taong ikakasal. I mean, not to say its not okay to ask, pero sabihin nalang natin from the 'to be wed's end'--na pwede mo nang i-record at gawing ring -tone ang sagot mo dito, kasi 'you'll get this everytime'. Minsan pwedeng 'small talk' lang ito--pwede ding seryosohang tanong, but its very likely an avenue to exchange pleasantries. Those who throw out the query would (seem to) always reply 'ay! ang cute!!'

So enter our motif: BLACK and purple and green. Nah, we dont get the same 'ang cute!' response, primarily because--its black. Never mind the purple and green---its black. Black is our common element. We love it--its modern stylish, artistic and classy but underrated. Its a good choice for accentuating and emphasizing, yet versatile enough to mix with anything. So black it is. Our other colours reflect personal favourites: Jay likes the colour green because its fresh and lively (Rica prefers it too, because she's into environmental politics.hehe), while purple has been Rica's favourite colour since the age she can say 'violet, lavender and purple' --thats waay even before it became vogue (it used to be 'kulay na pam-patay, diba?'). Jay 'thinks' he's into purple as well--probably to spite Rica.

Back to black--initial responses were a mixture of incredulousness and amusement. Some of Jay's cousins are of half- Chinese ancestry (and yes, they're based in Binondo), so you can imagine the 'wdf?' on everyone's lips. It took some time to sink in, and now everyone thinks its cool and er--different in a safe side sort of description (hehe). Hey, to set things straight--its not even an all-black affair. Well, the bridesmaids will be wearing black, and the guys in black suits, and aside from them (bunch, and I mean a big BUNCH. hehe), black will only be present as accents to either purple or green (appeased now?).

Now a simple advise to other brides in prospect: PLEASE, pretty please--its a colour motif. So use colours, like black, green and purple. Although midnight, steel, pistachio, uretane airbrush and what -have-you sounds poetic, they also sound vague. Like 'rose and wine'--so red rose ba, white wine ba, white wine? Ganon ba. hirap ma-gets eh.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

bawal ang badtrip

alam mo ba kung gaano pang-asar yung matatapos na nga lang ang araw, mag iisip ka pa--
kung paano ka kakain ng hapunan, paano yung mga taong kasabay mo sa pagkain, ano ang kakainin nila, paano ka makakatipid sa halagang pang isang tao lang na pang-kain, paano mo iindahin ang gutom na halos lamigin ka na sa grocery kasi wala ka nang ma-generate na body heat sa gutom? iisipin mo, bakit kaya hindi ka nalang kumain mag-isa sa labas, magbibilang ka nang pera, at makukunsensya ka--paano naman sila? bitbit ang iyong mabigat na dala na pinag isipan mo pang mabuti--'masustansya ba ito? magustuhan kaya nila?', uuwi ka at magsasalang ng bigas at kawali. kumakalam na ang sikmura mo, at hindi na maipinta ang iyong mukha. 

sabay babanatan ka ng paunang 'badtrip ka?'

kung malas malas pa-- 'gagabihin ako nang uwi'.

so bukod sa gutom na gutom ka na, at yamot na yamot sa sarili mo-- bawal ka pang ma-bad trip ngayon. 

sabi nang ninang ko, ganyan daw yung feeling nang magulang na nagbibigay ng libreng pagkain at tirahan at pera sa mga teenager nilang wala namang pakialam. sabi nya lang yun, ewan ko kung totoo.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Yes Virginia

Singapore is undergoing a recession.

Zouk Flea Market
16 November 2008
sa sandamakmak na second hand bargains, 
'in da zone' music (house yata ang tawag dun)
at mga taong amoy paa...
wala kaming nabili.

Disco, the recession and the nation's favorite pastime (shopping) combined and  reinvented. Welcome to Singapore.

words (some more!) from our sponsors...

jay looks 'a bit' gay here. 
Esprit, Raffles City, bago kami sitahin ni Edgar (Lani pag gabi),
 'esyus me, sir, ma'm...nooo, noo feature teyking hir.'

ayayay! da 'bird' is still in the box. self restraint...kaya mo pa yan. 
even AJ wants her pictures taken with it.
The ga-repolyo of a flower bracelet likes the 'bird' too. 

'coke ko 'to'.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the folks over at Blk 9 Holland Avenue...

...sends their (very) advanced greetings for the Holidays. 
they wish everyone a blessed Christmas and a prosperous new year. (hey. it pays to do things in advance).
lovingly yours,
Monchito Rico, Karen Janice, Cristine Joy,
 Jose Jubilee and Rica Agnes

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Monday, November 17, 2008

dahil mababait kayong mga bata....

at nakatawad kayo sa singsing na pinapabili sa inyo...eto ang...

lookatdat! parang tanga, ano?

now, about the bbf-- this pretty thing is a twin-lens reflex camera (TLR). Anyway--Im sparing the review and write up, cos Im still 'ignoring' my birdie (im referring to the camera). Opo--tig-isa kami. Aba! Ala namang sya lang! hemingweys--tignan nang mabuti--dun ka sisilip sa ibabaw, making the rule 'shoot from the hip' more reasonable. Ah basta--Im ignoring mine. Anu ako, excited?? eherm--nag iisip pako ng magandang timing eh. Baka sa pasko nalang. (yes, Im a killjoy ever)

ewan ko lang ha. Parang pasko.

now this is Jay's 'reward to himself' . Believe me--its not very often he rewards himself (let me contextualise that--ngayon lang umabot ang allowance nya nang ganito katagal. hehe)

Its a Sidekick Lite. Ah yeah.


Our usual weekend.
National Museum Singapore.
8 Nov 2008

si totoy, and camera nyang plastic at ang EXIT sign. heh.

background is the 'mahiwagang dingding'. (it is mahiwaga, maniwala ka)

me like this. very much.

photos by ze iPhone, Fanyang.

Friday, November 14, 2008

An anachronism, as always (a.k.a. so the uncool kid was right, after all)

Remember the usual phrase found in narrative-stories of brilliance and heroism--i.e.,when Galileo announced that the earth revolves around the sun, in contradiction to the teachings of the church (that time the church was an unofficial government anyway—but then again that’s another story), and the officials asked that he retract whatever he said? What follows is this phrase as if to rationalise such madness of the institution—‘Because he was a man ahead of his time’, therefore he gets ostracised, threatened to be excommunicated—the blah. We’ve heard lots of stories concerning this ‘state’ of the individual—his or her being ‘someone who lived the wrong time’, someone who bespoke the truth, but no one listened. Im not sure if we should use the term ‘anachronism’, given that I might be guilty of its technical impediments, but just for the sake of simpleton, it is within the context of anachronism because basically, it is (the idea) out of place.

Now, we have Peter Schiff, the economist –probably the only one who tried to warn everyone of the impending US recession, and as early as 2006. Some of his interview and debate clips, if you watch them now, are just darn funny, primarily because he gets laughed at by anyone be debates with. Believe me—you wouldn’t want to be him that time. Very unpopular to the point that you see people (on camera) cringe over his supposedly pessimistic warnings—economists and commentators alike. He gets shot back with phrases like ‘that’s silly..’ or ‘oh my goodness, I’ve never heard many mistakes in my life..’ ‘it’s a bet of every honour in your name at stake..’ ‘ where do you get your figures?’ It’s like your thesis defense on a very very bad day. No—I take that back. Its like secondary school where cliques and bullies were the coolest people ever.

But hey. The uncool kid was right. And he spoke clear and simple. Looking at how the majority reacted makes you realise that many proclaimed or self proclaimed experts, no matter how arrogant they are, how loud their voices can be, how much publicity and influence they take in—may not really know what they’re talking about.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Notes from the Bridal Front...

Choice #1 for first dance:
by Regina Spektor

I can imagine it...

in quick steps..

we were dancing to this lively song

not so heart wrenchingly romantic--but light, fun and sweet.

just how i pictured it to be.

never dragging, never fancy...

it was just you and me...

Was supposed to be another project of mine--kaso baka masuka na kayo sa pag mumukha namin, tapos panay pa kyut pa. So I got this--this video/animation (sorta) was made by serenerhapsody. so thank you, youtube.

p.s. eto po ay amin. kung makita nyo ito at masabi nyong 'ay, ako rin, yan din ang gagamitin namin...', malaman man lang po nawa ng lahat na itong idea nyo magaling ay galing sa 'amin'. :) Im not being proprietary or anything, because technically its a free world, and this is a public domain. In the first place, Regina Spektor is not everyone's cup of tea--very much like us. There probably are other people out there who thought that this is may be a good idea, at nauna sila. But we thought of this ourselves, may nauna man or wala. Kaya makunsensya naman ang manggaya. at wala pang attribution. well--bukod 'don, it's alright-- 'magtae sana kayo'. :) not for a lifetime naman...for a few days onli. there--I said it. (kidding!)

More notes...

1. My lonable number of books (i.e. loan quota) from the library has just been 'upped' from 40 to 80. Wow, I think I heard the nerds from upstairs crying for joy (while pumping their fists in the air) that time I got this email. (Now, Im not really referring to the entire school. :) Nerds? oy, hindi ako ha--sila! eherm.)In fairness, natawa ako nung nabasa ko yun, kasi may nakalagay pang hotline that I can call, in case I need further info. Gusto ko sanang tumawag nalang sa HR, at sigawan sila 'ito ba ang tinatawag na christmas bonus?? ha? ha?? talk to me! may buhay din ako!' to which they will gently reply 'so, you're not happier with 40 MORE books--doubling your quota?'. To which I will, with full conviction assert 'Well, I need a bigger bag for these. or a wheelbarrow. i take it no one liked my suggestion of providing free delivery services to research staff, huh?'. And that will be the end of me--este, it.

2. Naa adik kami ni Jay sa lomography. Nako. 'Have to resist--noo! noo! you already bought one last month.' 'eh, last month pa yun', whispers my evil twin. to which I agree: 'Honga noh??' Gasp!

3. May Ben and Jerry's Chunk Fest next month sa Fort Canning! Im sooo excited, Im thinking colour, funk, hyper kids and ice cream! I can imagine my actionsampler dreaming about this. Baka himatayin yun! (see? its an addiction, i tell you)

4. okay okay--less than three months nalang. ako, ninenerbyos? hindi noh.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


(above) Life in general: a big, fun, costume party.

Hindi inaasahang matutuwa ako sa bagay na di ko kilala—tulad nito.
Plastic, mura--chipipay kumbaga.
Walang zoom, ISO check, sharpness, atbp.
Sa panahong lahat ng bagay ay pwedeng ‘perfect’ at di-metro,
Aanhin mo ang di mo alam, at di garantisado?

Siguro dahil ang buhay ay nakasalalay sa mga lente...
Sa mga bagay na di sukat, at di permanente
Bago mo pa naitaas, mai anggulo ang viewfinder mo,
Sandaang segundo ang dumadaan, tuloy ang ikot ng mundo.

Eh ano kaya kung isang araw,
Maburyong ka sa eksakto—
And bagay na perpekto’y nag iba sa paningin mo
Naisip mong madami pang bagay na maganda
Na di kailangang ‘perfect’—pero ‘iyo’, at kakaiba

(Iginapang mo, itinutok mo, hinintay mong mai-develop,
Bukod dun, iwi-wish mo pang mag-black yung mga sulok (vignetting. Haha)...
Ano bang kasayahan ang dinadala nito?
Nitong bagay na hindi mo alam kung magiging okay o luko luko?)

Hindi ba’t mahusay din na di tayo pare pareho?
Pagka't may kanya kanya tayong lente...
Patingin nga ng iyo?

eto pa!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wtih bated breath

we await.
for some reason we may not even be aware of (at this point),
we want change.
and goodness to prevail.
its probably premature to tag goodness in anyone you hardly knew these days,
but then again thats the epiphany of goodness.
its good vibes, and inspiration you get from it.
its like a sign--a very psychological one.
and seeing that sign, you just know.
you can be good...even better.
and that goodness--is still a lucky charm.

(below: on the unrelated side of are some pictures. wala lang. ang kyut eh. )

'Mamamia...l' pollo era deliziosa. mucho gusto.'
ninong: ilan 'to?
lex: do you want the answer rounded off to the nearest tens, or standard deviations?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Crocs Sale

Madaming nagpunta sa Crocs sale sa may Red Hill kahapon. Ewan ko kung nung isang araw din, pero malamang oo. Dahil kahapon, bukod sa napakahabang pila (na pintatulan namin ni Tin, queueing for 1 ½ oras), nagsunog kami ng body fats for more than an hour, kaka-bend at kakawasiwas ng mga sapatos to the point of dehydration. Parang palengke ang style ng bentahan. Oh scrap that—anung palengke?? Hindi noh. Parang eksena sa march of the penguins kung saan naghahanapan na yung mga nanay at yung tatay-baby tandem. Susme. It was chaotic in every sense. Eh mabuti nga sa march of the penguins, malamig nung naghahanapan sila. Yesterday was like an acquaintance party in er—hell (not that Ive been there, or am I ecstatic about it). Ang sistema eh ganito:

1. Isiping mabuti kung anung size mo. Kung hindi ka sure, maghanap na sa mga bungkos ng sapatos na nasa kahon sa hallway, wishing na sa unang dukot mo, ay yon na nga. Maniwala ka—madaming beses mo itong gagawin.
2. Pag alam mo na ang size mo, at hawak mo na ang isang perfect fit, magwish ka ulet na sa susunod na dukot mo eh makukuha mo narin yung kapares. Hindi counted pag magkaibang kulay.
3. Pag wala sa box #1 ang kapares,wag mag alala—may lampas sampung box ka pang pwedeng limasin. Hindi pa kasama yung mga taong pwede mong i-stalk, dahil kita mong tangan nila ang match ng hawak mo.
4. Pag wala ka talagang makita, kunin mo nalang muna ang pwede mong makuha—mga pares na pang Helga da giant, pares na pwede mong sakyan pakabilang isla, o pares na ayaw mo sa totoong buhay.
5. Makipag trade nang mga finds mo sa ibang taong mukha ding desperado. Mag wish na isa sa kanila si Helga da giant na yamot na yamot na, kasi ang size lang nilang nakukuha eh panay size mo (asa ka pa).
6. Pagwala talaga—isipin mo nalang na plastic ang mga nalintekang sapin sa paa na ito—bumili ka nalang ng cutter sa stationery shop para makapagtabas ka, o di kaya’y paarawan mo ng tunay, nang matunaw.

At dahil dyan...I bet my betlogs...
1. After the sale, madami ang magdedeclare na nakakalakad sila sa tubig.
2. Dadami ang escalator casualties (eew).
3. at dahil ga bardagul ang mga tsinelas ng nakararami, magkakaroon ng mass ‘talisod’ movement
4. Mauuso ang tsinelas na parehong kaliwa or kanan
5. Magtatayo na ng sauna ang crocs dito. AT...pipilahan parin.

Singaporeans are merciless on bargain hunts. (in fairness, may mga supladong pinoy din)
now you havent seen the 'other' corner.
Tin and I reconvene at this corner--called 'the boxes corner' to make sense of all these craziness. What a good day for sisters to bond. (chos)
at dahil walang may gustong bumitaw sa kulay ube, napag isipan naming gumawa ng schedule, at magtayo ng grimace fans club.