Thursday, November 13, 2008

Notes from the Bridal Front...

Choice #1 for first dance:
by Regina Spektor

I can imagine it...

in quick steps..

we were dancing to this lively song

not so heart wrenchingly romantic--but light, fun and sweet.

just how i pictured it to be.

never dragging, never fancy...

it was just you and me...

Was supposed to be another project of mine--kaso baka masuka na kayo sa pag mumukha namin, tapos panay pa kyut pa. So I got this--this video/animation (sorta) was made by serenerhapsody. so thank you, youtube.

p.s. eto po ay amin. kung makita nyo ito at masabi nyong 'ay, ako rin, yan din ang gagamitin namin...', malaman man lang po nawa ng lahat na itong idea nyo magaling ay galing sa 'amin'. :) Im not being proprietary or anything, because technically its a free world, and this is a public domain. In the first place, Regina Spektor is not everyone's cup of tea--very much like us. There probably are other people out there who thought that this is may be a good idea, at nauna sila. But we thought of this ourselves, may nauna man or wala. Kaya makunsensya naman ang manggaya. at wala pang attribution. well--bukod 'don, it's alright-- 'magtae sana kayo'. :) not for a lifetime naman...for a few days onli. there--I said it. (kidding!)

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