Thursday, November 13, 2008

More notes...

1. My lonable number of books (i.e. loan quota) from the library has just been 'upped' from 40 to 80. Wow, I think I heard the nerds from upstairs crying for joy (while pumping their fists in the air) that time I got this email. (Now, Im not really referring to the entire school. :) Nerds? oy, hindi ako ha--sila! eherm.)In fairness, natawa ako nung nabasa ko yun, kasi may nakalagay pang hotline that I can call, in case I need further info. Gusto ko sanang tumawag nalang sa HR, at sigawan sila 'ito ba ang tinatawag na christmas bonus?? ha? ha?? talk to me! may buhay din ako!' to which they will gently reply 'so, you're not happier with 40 MORE books--doubling your quota?'. To which I will, with full conviction assert 'Well, I need a bigger bag for these. or a wheelbarrow. i take it no one liked my suggestion of providing free delivery services to research staff, huh?'. And that will be the end of me--este, it.

2. Naa adik kami ni Jay sa lomography. Nako. 'Have to resist--noo! noo! you already bought one last month.' 'eh, last month pa yun', whispers my evil twin. to which I agree: 'Honga noh??' Gasp!

3. May Ben and Jerry's Chunk Fest next month sa Fort Canning! Im sooo excited, Im thinking colour, funk, hyper kids and ice cream! I can imagine my actionsampler dreaming about this. Baka himatayin yun! (see? its an addiction, i tell you)

4. okay okay--less than three months nalang. ako, ninenerbyos? hindi noh.

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