Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Whats your motif?

Eto ang isa sa mga pinaka gasgas na tanong ever sa taong ikakasal. I mean, not to say its not okay to ask, pero sabihin nalang natin from the 'to be wed's end'--na pwede mo nang i-record at gawing ring -tone ang sagot mo dito, kasi 'you'll get this everytime'. Minsan pwedeng 'small talk' lang ito--pwede ding seryosohang tanong, but its very likely an avenue to exchange pleasantries. Those who throw out the query would (seem to) always reply 'ay! ang cute!!'

So enter our motif: BLACK and purple and green. Nah, we dont get the same 'ang cute!' response, primarily because--its black. Never mind the purple and green---its black. Black is our common element. We love it--its modern stylish, artistic and classy but underrated. Its a good choice for accentuating and emphasizing, yet versatile enough to mix with anything. So black it is. Our other colours reflect personal favourites: Jay likes the colour green because its fresh and lively (Rica prefers it too, because she's into environmental politics.hehe), while purple has been Rica's favourite colour since the age she can say 'violet, lavender and purple' --thats waay even before it became vogue (it used to be 'kulay na pam-patay, diba?'). Jay 'thinks' he's into purple as well--probably to spite Rica.

Back to black--initial responses were a mixture of incredulousness and amusement. Some of Jay's cousins are of half- Chinese ancestry (and yes, they're based in Binondo), so you can imagine the 'wdf?' on everyone's lips. It took some time to sink in, and now everyone thinks its cool and er--different in a safe side sort of description (hehe). Hey, to set things straight--its not even an all-black affair. Well, the bridesmaids will be wearing black, and the guys in black suits, and aside from them (bunch, and I mean a big BUNCH. hehe), black will only be present as accents to either purple or green (appeased now?).

Now a simple advise to other brides in prospect: PLEASE, pretty please--its a colour motif. So use colours, like black, green and purple. Although midnight, steel, pistachio, uretane airbrush and what -have-you sounds poetic, they also sound vague. Like 'rose and wine'--so red rose ba, white wine ba, white wine? Ganon ba. hirap ma-gets eh.

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