Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wtih bated breath

we await.
for some reason we may not even be aware of (at this point),
we want change.
and goodness to prevail.
its probably premature to tag goodness in anyone you hardly knew these days,
but then again thats the epiphany of goodness.
its good vibes, and inspiration you get from it.
its like a sign--a very psychological one.
and seeing that sign, you just know.
you can be good...even better.
and that goodness--is still a lucky charm.

(below: on the unrelated side of are some pictures. wala lang. ang kyut eh. )

'Mamamia...l' pollo era deliziosa. mucho gusto.'
ninong: ilan 'to?
lex: do you want the answer rounded off to the nearest tens, or standard deviations?

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