Sunday, September 5, 2010

Moving, moving, moving...gone.

Hej! Since I've moved continents a few days back, I've decided to move to a new blogspot address:

Im keeping my multiply account to consolidate everything (although it's not efficient in doing so), but don't bet on it's update schedule. :)

See you there!

-Rica, blogging from the land of the gentle giants.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Retiring the JacketS

I have a thing for jackets.
Aside from the simple truth that they keep my huge arms wrapped and out of sight,  jackets for me serves the most practical purpose of pulling a person together.
It may be that pulled together look crisp jackets provide, or the security of providing a private wiggle room to breathe (because good jackets hide insecurities like heavy breakfasts or heavy thighs).
It keeps you warm, and protects you from dust.
If Ally McBeal had her pajamas, I had my jackets.

My two most special pieces are entirely different from each other (in no order, whatsoever).

2005. Graduate School sa NUS. Mahal pa ang kanin noon.

I got my Political Science Forum (TPSF) jacket in 2002, and it's a sort of sports-wind breaker jacket with the hood. It was very memorable, because I remember pretty well how I got it, and the things that were going on that time. I was among one of those 'first' few people who got this black jacket with grey piping (hence the cloth used for you jacket was entirely different from those made later on), and I remember Tere (the now Atty Teresa Bautista), our Board Member, insisting that being officers, we get to have our jackets for free. It was such tumultuous times at the TSPF, because judging by the things our organisation has gone through over the past months-- impeachment proceedings, factions and all this real life political circus, I can't believe we were even able to make it through in our Senior year. Not everyone survived. I remember that time--after receiving my jacket for free (I have to emphasize free goods as fundamentally cherished by college kids like me), an impeachment some people believed I discreetly masterminded, and new found friends within my major-- I felt that I belonged. At last.

Ever since, I've used this jacket to guard me (and my hoochie bags) from rain, from nocturnal insects whenever we decide on road trips in the provinces, and contact from people I don't like (no kidding). It became my comfort blanket for eight years, and it served me well.

Now Im sending it back to Manila, to retire. It served me well, and I'll probably still be using it every now and then, when rain showers grace Ortigas Pasig. But it should be respectfully returned to this very country I grew up in, endured heartaches in, and yet in the end, still love to the core of my soul.

Fres na fres. Yess.

My other favourite jacket was from my ex boyfriend,  Jay. :) He gave me this jacket in 2004, and it's a black cotton zippered number from Esprit. I loved it so much, I still wear it often even if its missing a real zipper slider. I've worn it with literally everything, and was even called JLo while wearing it one time. My sister loved it and asked Kuya Jay to buy one for her. My then-boyfriend had no choice, and dollars poorer later, he was instantly declared as the jacket-supplier.

2008. Wala nang slider yung zipper nyan. waw.

Now, this post is not just about the jacket and their impending retirement. This is also about my sister, Tinay. We were sorting clothes for laundry last week, and when she saw the state of distress of this six-year old jacket I've been wearing, she offered to give  me her jacket since -eherm- it wont fit her anymore. It was a 'Jay' jacket with minimal difference in style. She supplies me everything, actually-- pants, shoes and underwear (I only shop for tops). I was just so glad to have it and it didn't tell that I was touched by her generosity and her way of getting out of her way when she helps other people.

My sister doesn't earn that much when she was back in Manila, and will probably correct me in saying she earns better now. Because that's not so true. But really, I've never met anyone who can give more than what they get, without expecting in return, and just give for the sake of giving. She's not the nicest (haha) person, nor is the easiest to deal with, and this may mean to show that we have our own quirks, strengths and weaknesses.

My sister is the most generous person I've ever known. And I pray, really really pray that the universe take care of her the best way possible, and not to let anyone take advantage of that generous heart. I was lucky enough to have a sister like her. I'm never trading her with any shoes, pants or jackets.

A Chanel bag? Maybe. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Wanted: donations for Dyowsa's Flickr Pro

To make benefit glorious nation of beckystan. :D 

Give to charity. Give them a home:

All taken with an LC-A+, 35mm film (which for the life of me-- I can't remember which, but I do believe it's not Ektar).

i love your side burns. :)

Patrick is Mr Changi airport.

T3, how much do we love thee?

the father

the mother

the post-woman

hanapin si becky and win a prize!


Lan Kwai Fong, HK

i wake up to where the skies are blue...

and margarine... are... well... carved from mountain-hills.  

And I accept paypal.

Monday, July 12, 2010

una bien merecida victoria, España

Extended yung game. I've never stayed up this late (or early. and sober) since college years, at nagtutukatok nako ng konti. 

Iniesta's goal was the clincher.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Notes to self:

1) Huwag mag madali, makakarating ka rin.

2) Huwag atat. Mas mataas ang market value ng taong marunong humindi.

3) Matutong mag enjoy (talaga naman).

4) Huwag pilitin ang mga bagay na hindi ayon sa panahon. Ang manggang hinog sa piliit ay mapait (naks).

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Little Boxes

cover by Regina Spektor (bet you saw that coming. :) )

Little Boxes
Malvina Reynolds

Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes made of ticky tacky,
Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes all the same.
There's a green one and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one,
And they're all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.

And the people in the houses
All went to the university,
Where they were put in boxes
And they came out all the same,
And there's doctors and lawyers,
And business executives,
And they're all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.

And they all play on the golf course
And drink their martinis dry,
And they all have pretty children
And the children go to school,
And the children go to summer camp
And then to the university,
Where they are put in boxes
And they come out all the same.

And the boys go into business
And marry and raise a family
In boxes made of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.
There's a green one and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one,
And they're all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mga tala sa pagluluto (Cooking ng ina mo)

Palagay ko, in our more recent times, may dalawang bagay na uso sa mga Pinoy, under the 'hobby category'. Yun ay ang 'semi-professional kuno' photography at cooking (ay culinary arts pala).

Dati kasi ang ultimate jaforms accessory ay ang telepono. Well thats so 2000. Kasi napalitan na nitong bagay na maitim, mabigat at mejo maasim (ang strap) na tinatawag na DSLRs. Uso na ang photoshoot parties. May mga kilala akong hindi na makakain ng maayos at araw araw, para lang makabili ng lente at flash at kung anu ano pa.

Ngayon, ang 'culinary arts' ang talagang pakay nitong post na ito, kaya hihinto na ako (dearest Lord, ayaw ko ng DSLR. Gusto ko ng Leica. Kahit anong Leica. basta Leica) on grappling with semi-professional photography (aka mediocre, pero okay lang nde naman ako professional eh). (Pektyur: Paella Mixto. Paborito ni Chet)

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's so fluffy Im gonna die

And this my friends, is what's keeping me from jumping on a plane to the land of the Emeratis. Cuteness. I wonder where I can buy one of those. (her name is Agnes, btw. ferpekt.)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Poseur 101: World Cup Appreciation

Naiinip ako sa football, pramis.
Nakaka frustrate kasi yung makikitang nagtatakbuhan sila, sinisipa yung bola gamit ang paa (duh),
tapos magta try sumipa ng malakas or pa-spike, hoping na pumasok sa goal.
As if naman napaka dalas ng ganitong pagkakataon.
Pag sinuwerte ka, may makaka-goal nang isa.
Malas lang talaga pag draw.
Tinatawag na 'the beautiful game' and larong ito, at talaga namang gusto ko syang ma-appreciate.
Siguro by next year, I'll learn how to appreciate it.
Ayaw kong sabihing I love it eh, kasi hindi ko sya masyado pang naiintidihan.
Alam mo na, si God lang ang love ko na hindi ko din masyadong maintidihan eh.
Di pwedeng dalawa. :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


1. Baket hindi ako na-impress sa bagong custom layouts ng multiply? Nainis nga ako ng slight, pramis. Wala akong nagustuhang style na may maayos na font, at kung hindi sya masyadong boxy, masyadong dense.
2. Baket pumapasok parin ang Miss Iggy posts sa multiply ko, kahit na hindi ako ang nag post nito?
3. Baket ako tinatamad ever? May assignment ako, pepetiks petiks parin ako?
4. I wonder when is the good day to start a new blog. hmm.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bugged: Reflextions the Art of Reflexology

I prefer to keep this entry in English, as I feel the urge to inform anyone who'd chance upon this article, or is looking for any reference on the matter:

Last Saturday, I together with two other companions went to Holland Village to eat brunch at Bakery Provence. It was then all three of us decided to get a foot reflex/massage, for 45 SGD. Along the rows of shops at Lor Liput, together with Provence and Paris Silk is 'Reflextions the Art of Reflexology'. We went there for our massage, and one hour and ten minutes later, left the place. We walked back home, as we usually do, as Holland Village is merely 10 minutes walk from our Block. Upon reaching home I noticed that my legs started itching, especially my left leg. I looked at it closely and to my horror saw big red rashes. Or so I thought, as they seem to have appeared out of nowhere. And they were an awful lot. They looked like rashes at first look, although they appeared to look like big red dots, bigger than your usual rash. I then looked at my right leg, and lo and behold. I had the same thing. Red big rashes that are raised on my skin.  My left leg looked more severe though. Thought Im having chicken pox.

Now, I tried ignoring these spots to distract myself from scratching them . Really, I was more scared of how they will turn out to be--will they scar? I may have logs for legs, but one thing I can be all proud of is that I don't have 'coins' or 'mga piso' on them.

I went to see the doctor last Monday afternoon and upon seeing them (my legs), the doc said 'oh, those are insect bites'.  'Because some had bite marks (teeth). I asked which (insect), and upon hearing about what I did before I got those, she simply 'tsk tsked'. 'Go show this to them. Right away, not when it's healed ('cos Im giving you a good cream, she'll say later on), but in this state'. From her office, I began taking pictures of my poor legs through my iphone.

I just came back from Reflextions Holland Village. With the intentions of 'showing' them what happened after I got a good foot massage from them, I had to: a) explain the whole thing to a non-English speaking  therapist, b) talk to a certain 'lady-manager' over the phone c) wait for someone to call back and talk to me again (because, as the girl insisted, she's not the one in charge, and that she cant (or the spa, rather) owe up  to what had happened to me, because this is the first time someone has complained), and d) talk to the supposed-owner of the place, who said, in verbatim that 'they clean (their) place every week, with dettol', and that whatever happened to me is not their fault.  I said this is the first time that this has happened to me as well. And it was just so coincidental that I got bitten by insects after less than an hour of foot reflexology. I was even pointing out that I suspect it's the leg stool--those stools you rest your legs on. He just muttered (like what the lady-manager said): we can't.

I said Im filing a complaint then. He said, 'Go ahead, file a complaint, then if further investigations prove to be false (mine: whatever that means), I will sue you'.  I said 'I did not even wanted to resort to legal action, I was hoping you'd say that you will look into it'.  He said 'Fine, we will look into it'. We were both shouting. I have no idea who shouted first, but things really got into me when he threatened to sue me.

So here is my account of what happened. I am not sure on whether or not this is defamatory, but let me set this straight. I may have been bitten by some insect on my way home (while my sister who was beside me the whole time had nothing on her legs). Or I may have been bitten by bugs at that massage place.

And that Im just not anymore complaining of insect bites. Now, I am complaining of bad customer service (no one in the shop knows English). I don't think threatening to sue a customer just because she's upset that she got insect bites, and MAY have gotten them from your leg stool is anywhere near proper.

Picture (yucky):

Friday, June 11, 2010

The pakers

'on the move'. by the becky (2009).

We've been packing things like crazy (well, Jay is). Since he leaves soon for the sandy dunes (oh it rhymes), he has to make sure all his things are inside the eponymous balikbayan box we're sending to Ortigas. Gee, I wanted to say 'send back', but it wasnt like that for us. These things are products of almost a decade of life here in Singapore, and they've acquired over time. We had to do away with sentimental value (in forms of hard rock cafe singapore cocktail glasses, circa '03) and just be practical about things. Come to think of it, whichever we ship we'll still have to deal with in the future. Im keeping the loveletters of course. :) And the small notes, postcards and good school essays/papers. I sorted through my bookS (thats a big S alright) last night, and kept my Gaimans. Textbooks from '03, books I got hold of because of a former job that has no commercial value whatsoever, I trashed. hehe. I might be bringing 5 books with me to Holland, all study-related. There's this Dr Phil book given by a collegue whos ironically been single for 10 years and counting, Im keeping. Simply because it's from a Harvard educated person, and relating one to the other cracks me up.
By end of the month the room will look like a funny (but clinical) scene from a divorce, where you'll say 'Someone used to sleep on this side of the bed/someone used to have his things on this other side of the room'. It will be half empty. Im not keen on 'appropriating' my things have them occupy this newfound empty space. I have to remind myself that Im leaving soon too.
Oh we migrated files as well. We did it manually, silly us. We've swapped machines, and Jay is now a proud owner of a 21 inch iMac to make NBA season in sandy dunes tolerable. Im missing him already (the iMac, not Jay).

Now my clothes, I have to deal with later on. The standing order on the boxes is that the husband fills them up to becky-friendly height (which is midway and a few inches to the top), then I'll take it from there. Should I ask Jay to pre-stick the packaging tape as well?

Im trying not to be overly dramatic about it, pero this is it. Our life for 7-10 years. In a box.
Oh good thing I dont have much shoes.

Monday, June 7, 2010

hanubers: Marriage, Globalisation and Citizenship

So, ganito nga, inaayos na namin yung lahat ng papers papunta Amsterdam at Spain. Naloloka ako ng slight, kasi naman si mister ay aalis na next week, at ewan ko kung paano magkaka uga ugaga sa pagse schedule ng mga bagay bagay:

1. Dahil 'spouse' status sya at student ako, kelangan naming magsabay ng apply sa Holland Embassy para hindi na mas mahal yung bayaran namin at nang hindi 'family reunification' chervaloo ang drama (study-papa lang. hahaha).
2. At dahil aalis sya at sa bandang Agosto na kami magkikita ulet, at aalis na naman sya, kelan kaya kami makakapag apply ng visa nyan?
3. Panu ang 'Sweden project' na dapat ang time frame namin eh before Oct (Nov na kami ulet magkikita yata, after August. syet) para ma-present namin sa Prague.
4. Madami dami na akong taong naaway sa phone, dahil lang sa tono ng pagsasalita. Humihingi naman sila ng pasintabi after masita, yun daw talaga ang speaking voice nila. rude. :D
Naiinis ako at parang ngayong babalik na ako sa pag eestudyante ulet, parang nde nako empowered to complain or something. Para bang hindi ko na pwedeng sabihin na 'who's your immediate superior?' o 'Magkano ba ang halaga ng oras mo?' ganon ba. May mababait namang tao na ever helpful.
5. Kaso ang hindi ko ma-dig eh ang iba't ibang papers na kelangang lakarin, lalo na't I'll be studying in two countries and two schools for my first year. Josme. Ang Spain ay gusto ng police report, ang Holland ay gusto ng....pera. haha. joke. It kinda makes me see things in a very international scale (waw), na lahat ng agencies at individuals ay may kanya kanyang interest.
6. Ngayon, ang kasayahan ng lahat ay naglalaho kada may documentation na kelangan ko pang i-legalise. Hinihimatay ako kada naririnig ko ito dahil:
a) wala naman ako sa Pilipinas
b) takte, alam mo bang 2,550 pesos ang kada document na ile-legalise ng Holland Embassy sa atin? Bago nyan, magbabayad ka pa ng 500ish sa DFA, at kung NSO certified yung document mo, edi pati yun. Josme! Para bang ang pag aaral talaga ay para lang sa may kayang magbayad. Buti nalang at maibabawi ko itong mga gastos na ito sa September, pero lekat...naiiyak ako at naghihirap. :(
7. NGAYON...baket ba kelangan ng ganitong procedures? Ang kadahilanan nito ay yung tinatawag na Hague Convention on Legalization of Foreign Public Documents.

Hindi kasama ang Pinas sa mga assignatory dito, at ewan ko kung bakit. Andun naman ang China, Brunei. Kahit Aruba, assignatory. Why ah? Im really beginning to feel that my citizenship is this huge barrier to go wherever I want to go. Im no student of International Law (hmmm), but really. Anu naman kaya ang kadahilanan?

Friday, June 4, 2010

iPhone 101 sa Tsim Sha Tsui

Short trip sa land of the hongkees, Miromay and Stella's favourite place (Lantau) with my folks (they flew in from Manila, while I flew in on day 2).  Wala lang, para akong lumipad ng HK to give my father a crash course on the proverbial iPhone. Masaya naman. :)

Yesss naman. hahaha.

Eh dahil la la land of toys din ang hk, someone's ready for September. :D

Saturday, May 29, 2010

hoy jay

sana lagi mo akong isipin. :)
dahil mami-miss kita ever.
last na, na long distance relationship ito ha? :(
andyan ka palang sa kabilang mesa, 
nami miss na kita.
ampanget mo.

Friday, May 28, 2010

(belated) Happy Birthday Stella

she's 'celebrating' her birthday month, and 
wants to go somewhere special. Guess where?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Updates, updates!

1. To everyone who greeted me on my espeysyal day...maraming salamat po. Salamat din sa Fezbook, at sa mga virtual cakes na pinadala nyo. haha.
2. Im Becky, and Im 28 years old. 
3. Oh gawd, I don't feel like one. Or look like one.
4. When I was younger, people who I associate with such age 'look' the part. They all looked grown up, they seem to have all these grown up issues and problems, they appear more sophisticated.
5. Anyway--so Im not. :) 
6. But that's fine, Im going to Europe anyway.
7. For two years.
8. Yay!
9. All paid for.
10. Yesss....
11. And towards my PhD. :)
12. To study migration and Diaspora.
13. And (hopefully) in the future--sustainable cities, GIS and urban planning.
14. Yeah, those geeky stuff.
15. I think visa problems, sort-of career uncertainty for the husband and family reunification (extended honeymoon) are adult problems. Don't you think? Oh goody. Im an adult.

P.S. Still working on the 'bump'. Been wanting to get one. Badly. Hey-- a post grad student-mommy scenario is most welcome!

And since Im a sucker for ads that play with my emo-ness, here's something I think everyone would enjoy (and it's just part of a series!).

Sometimes you need to go far away to find yourself.
I don't need a taxi.
I don't need them to tell me.
I don't need four years guarantee,
I don't need them to wrap it up for me.
I don't need to sleep, in order to dream.
I don't' need to know where I go.
I need my life to be a journey.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Black and White Pektyurs ever

Analogue Love. Past two months.
Maganda pala ang black and white film. (Mga kuha ni Panelomo. da husbandry.)

Umattend kami ng kasalan (renewal of vows) ng tiyuhin namin sa SSA Forbes Park.

Eto kaming magkakapatid (minus ate tintin) bago magpunta. AT ma-late ng dalawang oras. omaygas ang trapik ng pa-makati ng ala-sais ng hapon. takte.

Kung ikaw man ang matrapik, diba.
(ako kumuha nito! save, double save, period, no erase!*)
*contentious pa kasi.

Nung kinabukasan, naisipan kong mag sponsor ng ice skating challenge sa MOA. huwahaha. (L-R: yung Kabute sa Mario, si Marianne, si Jason (goes to hell).

Eto ako habang nag-iisip kung ano ba talaga ang saysay ng aking buhay. Baket ako mahilig was map reading all along. duh.

"Today is your lucky day...makakatagpo ka ng taong namimigay ng pera".

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

dahil maarte akong lomographer

gusto ko lang i-correct yung ad ng La Senza, kung saan ginamit ang Diana F+, na tangan tangan ng model na walang idea kung nasan ang 'totoong' shutter button ng camera na ito. Kaya naman naisip nyang 'pumindot' sa film advance cog.

May isa pa akong ad na nakita, sa train station sa Orchard, kung saan para lang masabing may 'all white, hip' camera yung male model nilang naka all-white, ay pinagbitbit sya ng Holga na puti. Syempre, with the wrong gesture si manong. (Let me get you a picture of that soon)

Ngayon, according to the French press, Audrey Tautou is seen here (below)with a 'petite Leica'.  Oh sure. Someone did their homework. :P

nicked from the LSI website. Oui. :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

PAL Midnight Sale. EPIC Fail

Philippine Airlines...You have a lot of explaining to do.

Matutulog na ako. Nakakainis lang, at mega may midnight sale pa silang nalalaman sa website ng PAL, tapos takte, the first hour was terrible. Eto ang sabi sa main site, from 12:05 am to 1:00-ish am:

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

I can't believe they did not anticipate very high traffic. Matapos ang isang oras, of refreshing browsers, switching and wishing something happens, you get directed to this shady site main page:

Edi aakalain mo, okay na. You try browsing for tickets, and while the first time may have glitches the second (*or third) time sends you to a page with ticket prices that look awesomefreakingly normal. Potah. Yan din ang nakita ko na presyo kahapon ah. Mapapakamot ka ng ulo.   

A) They did this crazy sale without even providing what's at stake. So you have no idea what the terms and conditions are (kelan yung promo flights, from where to where).
B) They are prolly using a mirror site na dated 2008 pa. Kasom yung flight dates ay from 2001. Anubayun.
C) Did not anticipate traffic?? C'mon. 
D) 300SGD for a Econolight return ticket from Singapore to Manila is a normal price (na-hike up na nga, at it used to be 230 lang). Asan ang promo dun?

Grr. midnight sale my a**.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

what ive been up to, in 100 words

an ex colleague of mine asked about my whereabouts, through fezbook. This is what I told her. 
And I liked what I saw. :)

im in wk 3 of my taitai programme, and have been eating veggies and all that shit. :P no babies yet-- those nasty critters which is the whole point of my taitaihood, and to put it mildly, im getting impatient. thought i could buy them off grocery shelves. anyway, im trying my best to be zen about it (see funny wall status). oh. some good news--i got into this scholarship for a euro masters. im targetting a phd afterwards (i know, the pressure), so wish me luck. :D and how are yah?

engrish so powderful oredi

You've probably heard about this game called 'Just Cause 2', and this character Bolo Santosi whom now everyone calls the the most annoying voice-over for a female character in a game? Well, the first time I heard her, she sounded very...familiar.

Singaporean lah. And what's so funny is that among the very negative reviews , the citizens of lala land are not owning up. They said it's very different from their Singlish mah. How can be, er? Someone sabo (sabotage) them liddat (like that)?

Oh well. I dunno, but I believe from the countless church lectors I've heard so far, colleagues who've introduced/presented and dramatized in's no joke. That's an educated Singaporean woman without the fancy British accent. Spot on!

Na-exxag daw? Weh. :)

Sabi nga ng isang gamer na kausap ko: 'Hearing her, parang gusto mo talagang pumatay'. :P

Monday, April 12, 2010

Check out the shoebox

You've prolly heard about this project. So...on a good Friday, from 5 am to 2:30 pm (ayan ha, before 3pm yan), some people werqed it. Hindi nalang nalalagay ni fafa jay yung accordion type na salamin sa banyo, pero tapos na sya. yay!!

Check out our :)

All the way from New York...Wedgehead made it.

we heart photoclips!

loved how this was framed, but yuck-- i looked disgusting here.


kitchen-ette. adik sa photoclips.

and this is where we keep our magnetic trophies. :)

that circular thingy? thats jay and his photo clips ideas

uy, retro!

didja see our framed wedding photo? naka-landscape yan, 
at ngayon lang daw nakakita ng ganyang klase ang biyenan ko. :P

the blessing was supposedly scheduled for last Easter. Kaso na overbook yung pari 
na taga-Lourdes (nakakaloka, gusto ko i-habla ang Rufo's. hehe). Buti nalang at anjan si Father. (na super grateful kami, kasi by divine intervention, pauwi na sya ng Palawan that Thursday, so he travelled from Batangas to Manila (airport), en route Ortigas).
 He looks familiar noh? Pogi parin. We are really convinced now that he's our official priest ever. 

Tapos, naisipan naming mag swimming minsan.

At mag party kinagabihan. :)