Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Updates, updates!

1. To everyone who greeted me on my espeysyal day...maraming salamat po. Salamat din sa Fezbook, at sa mga virtual cakes na pinadala nyo. haha.
2. Im Becky, and Im 28 years old. 
3. Oh gawd, I don't feel like one. Or look like one.
4. When I was younger, people who I associate with such age 'look' the part. They all looked grown up, they seem to have all these grown up issues and problems, they appear more sophisticated.
5. Anyway--so Im not. :) 
6. But that's fine, Im going to Europe anyway.
7. For two years.
8. Yay!
9. All paid for.
10. Yesss....
11. And towards my PhD. :)
12. To study migration and Diaspora.
13. And (hopefully) in the future--sustainable cities, GIS and urban planning.
14. Yeah, those geeky stuff.
15. I think visa problems, sort-of career uncertainty for the husband and family reunification (extended honeymoon) are adult problems. Don't you think? Oh goody. Im an adult.

P.S. Still working on the 'bump'. Been wanting to get one. Badly. Hey-- a post grad student-mommy scenario is most welcome!

And since Im a sucker for ads that play with my emo-ness, here's something I think everyone would enjoy (and it's just part of a series!).

Sometimes you need to go far away to find yourself.
I don't need a taxi.
I don't need them to tell me.
I don't need four years guarantee,
I don't need them to wrap it up for me.
I don't need to sleep, in order to dream.
I don't' need to know where I go.
I need my life to be a journey.

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Coach Maley said...

I like the layout of your blog. I think I might incorporate it into my own blog.

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