Friday, February 13, 2009

Mga bagay bagay--part 1

Sa mga masugid na usyusera/o, with your indulgence lemme show you some details from our wedding. Im still hunting down some more of those detail pictures from my trusted sources, so expect a part 2 (and 3, maybe?).

bouquet (stargazers na itoh!) --photo by Kat Vargas
sisterhood and the birdcage veil --photo by Kat Vargas

Misalette (bride's DIY, and proud of it) --photo by John Panelo

a winking Joaquin Manuel, coin bearer extraordinaire (alyas Wacky)--photo by John Panelo

doting father of the bride? check. boots? check. --photo by Kat Vargas

and the women (and some men--ayayay!)--well, let's just say that 'they all wanted to confess their sins that very afternoon'... --photo by Jon Panelo


fortuitous faery said...

haha, love the last photo and caption!

galeng ng DIY misalette, ha! taray ng boots! first time ko yata makakita ng bride wearing boots. :P

gingmaganda said...

tama nga si ody, ampogi ng pari! hahaha!

yung samin last sunday, sobrang jonget!