Sunday, February 22, 2009

you might have missed this...

A few things some of you might have missed:

1. little boys gone WILD

Joaquin Manuel (aka Wacky) : red carpet bound, by all means.

Eman had a very loong and tiring day. He had to rest, much to everyone's chagrin.

2. the reception venue, 'overall'.

Splendido Taal: the sky was purplish, all right.

Ladera Golfer's Lounge: just dreamy.

3. the food and the cake...

All raves about them.

mini cakes (luggage) for our sponsors 

purple coach bag on top. twin lens reflex cameras on the side. logo on the luggage tags.

4. our post nup session at er--the ruins beside Caleruega 

5. Now--most of our guests probably missed this: a post-party OPEN MIC session. this brief moment was when our talented friends (and my brother Patrick-- who had everyone in tears. ack! kamusta naman yun) performed for us, a few goodbyes away from everyone. it was like acoustic jamming and live soul. boy-- were they very good.  that capped this memorable night. and it was perfect.

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fortuitous faery said...

fabulous photos! i like the rustic background on that photo of you and jay. the food looks too pretty to eat, especially the mini luggage cakes!

dreamy wedding, indeed. and that boy is already half-dreaming. hehe.

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