Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blogging from Boracay

Mga kapatid sa pananampalataya...
Busy po ako, sorry at nde makakatagal sa harap ng PC. Maayos na ang buhay ko next week, at saka nalang ako magpo post ng pictures, updates at kung ano pa.
ay...kinasal na nga pala ako. :) as of last night.

at heto naman ang onsite video namin by Gilbert Obispo. :)
03.09 from Gilbert Obispo on Vimeo.

On-site AVP provided by

At eto naman ang ibang eching.

as of this morning...

as of this afternoon

as of 5:45pm last night...
at 4:30 pm yesterday


fortuitous faery said...

rica, what a lovely video! i love the lomo vibe! i actually got teary-eyed! congrats ulit!

tsaka i'm touched that miss iggy represented the purpleness in you! it's like we're all there in caleruega with you!

have a great honeymoon in bora! god all we have here in NJ is snow! haha.

fortuitous faery said...

uy, didn't see these photos earlier! i ♥ the suitcase wedding cake!

ganda ng royal purple shade ng motif mo!

caryn said...

wow, ang ganda ng wedding mo ;-) you look very happy! the video was done very weel! congrats and best wishes!

gingmaganda said...

waw, congrats, bading! you are a lovely bride! (and this not me being lesbian)

The Becky said...

conell!: salamat sa pagbati. nde naman ako talaga mahilig sa purple eh. hehe. singapurple iggy sends her love to you and da sistahs.

Caryn: thanks po. :)

ginggay: talaga naman! :) salamat. you are lovely too. (ack!)

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Boracay Hotels said...

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