Friday, June 11, 2010

The pakers

'on the move'. by the becky (2009).

We've been packing things like crazy (well, Jay is). Since he leaves soon for the sandy dunes (oh it rhymes), he has to make sure all his things are inside the eponymous balikbayan box we're sending to Ortigas. Gee, I wanted to say 'send back', but it wasnt like that for us. These things are products of almost a decade of life here in Singapore, and they've acquired over time. We had to do away with sentimental value (in forms of hard rock cafe singapore cocktail glasses, circa '03) and just be practical about things. Come to think of it, whichever we ship we'll still have to deal with in the future. Im keeping the loveletters of course. :) And the small notes, postcards and good school essays/papers. I sorted through my bookS (thats a big S alright) last night, and kept my Gaimans. Textbooks from '03, books I got hold of because of a former job that has no commercial value whatsoever, I trashed. hehe. I might be bringing 5 books with me to Holland, all study-related. There's this Dr Phil book given by a collegue whos ironically been single for 10 years and counting, Im keeping. Simply because it's from a Harvard educated person, and relating one to the other cracks me up.
By end of the month the room will look like a funny (but clinical) scene from a divorce, where you'll say 'Someone used to sleep on this side of the bed/someone used to have his things on this other side of the room'. It will be half empty. Im not keen on 'appropriating' my things have them occupy this newfound empty space. I have to remind myself that Im leaving soon too.
Oh we migrated files as well. We did it manually, silly us. We've swapped machines, and Jay is now a proud owner of a 21 inch iMac to make NBA season in sandy dunes tolerable. Im missing him already (the iMac, not Jay).

Now my clothes, I have to deal with later on. The standing order on the boxes is that the husband fills them up to becky-friendly height (which is midway and a few inches to the top), then I'll take it from there. Should I ask Jay to pre-stick the packaging tape as well?

Im trying not to be overly dramatic about it, pero this is it. Our life for 7-10 years. In a box.
Oh good thing I dont have much shoes.

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