Wednesday, March 3, 2010

pimp my shoebox project

ah. they call it nesting.
and might literally be as small as a nest, pero bakit ba.
it's ours, and the husband and i think that's all to it.
yun na yun. :)

actually, i thought it's just nice.
it's a studio apartment somewhere in the city.
a good place to start.
and although it is a small space,
we can't wait to spruce it up a bit.
(Note on the 'a bit' part. kaya naman pala maliit lang sya, it chose us and our budget.)

Anyway, there's this wish list we have (oh c'mon, you know what to do!):

1. Joefert wall clock (meron pa yata nito sa Pablo, sa Cubao X)

2. a rectangular mirror frame for our breakfast corner (will have it at sitting person's face level, horizontally) that's got this thick black frame, parang ganito (bigger one), but in black.


or this


3. and a *eherm* escuse me jay*-- a soft, green grasss rug


*my husband thinks a green rug combined with some red furniture looks like a scene for christmas land. we already saw this cheap rug from ikea with the strangest, erm, quirkiest colour (kermit green), and he said no. now its all sold out! nyark.

4. square plates (divisoria/baclaran, here we come)

(mondo wares, from

will keep you updated. we also accept donations. hehe


fortuitous faery said...

astig ng wall clock! :)

趙又廷Kirk said...

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The Becky said...

@conneh- deba. lav lav. :)
@kirk- leche ka. wag mo i-spam ang posts ko, malaglag sana yang bayag mo. chòu biǎozi (臭婊子)!

fortuitous faery said...

LOL @ your reaction sa chekwang spammer!

The Becky said...

@conneh- nakakainis kasi eh, yung mga posts ko dati, naka auto comment chenes. tapos biglang delubyo ng emails ang natanggap ko, dahil lang sa nagsa spam sya, yan tuloy, i have to moderate comments. :( share ko lang. hehe

fortuitous faery said...

pansin ko nga! meron din lumalapastangan sa comments ni miss iggy, binubura ko lang agad. ang tyaga rin niya kahit may word verification pa, haha.