Wednesday, April 21, 2010

engrish so powderful oredi

You've probably heard about this game called 'Just Cause 2', and this character Bolo Santosi whom now everyone calls the the most annoying voice-over for a female character in a game? Well, the first time I heard her, she sounded very...familiar.

Singaporean lah. And what's so funny is that among the very negative reviews , the citizens of lala land are not owning up. They said it's very different from their Singlish mah. How can be, er? Someone sabo (sabotage) them liddat (like that)?

Oh well. I dunno, but I believe from the countless church lectors I've heard so far, colleagues who've introduced/presented and dramatized in's no joke. That's an educated Singaporean woman without the fancy British accent. Spot on!

Na-exxag daw? Weh. :)

Sabi nga ng isang gamer na kausap ko: 'Hearing her, parang gusto mo talagang pumatay'. :P

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niceyfemme said...

Hahaha ganyan talaga sila kapag negative super deny sila. Pero pinaka-maliit na something positive palalakihin......

Kaasar! It's as singaporean as balut is as Filipino. Deny pa. Whoo!