Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Prep #1: itchiness

wala lang, Ive been wanting to share our wedding invitation design for like--months now.
kaya naman nag tumbling ako nung binigyan ako ni manong Jay ng go signal.
Eto ha--I think our wedding theme is not just about travel per se, but more of those things we love--travel being on top of the list (that and good food). Then again there are other things: neoprints, cool weather and exotic views ( i mean helloo--its got a view of a semi-active volcano within a lake within a volcano), not to mention live music and soundtracks. It also revolves around the colours green (jay's), purple (rica's) and black (which we both love). Thats it basically. Aside from our desire to keep it 'a bit' unconventional (we have invited some tradition-laced (aka oldies) people which are truly close to our hearts, so we're behaving. 'a bit'.)
Naalala ko tuloy-- a couple of our friends whom we invited verbally would always joke 'pag may kasamang ticket yung invite, sige punta kami' (if an airtix is included in the invite, then we'll go).
Tsk tsk. Ayun naman pala eh. They better be saying the truth.
gusto ko nang mag post ng iba pa--yung map at mga chuva, kaso nek post naman. anu ako, excited? :) Ay, ito nga pala po ay DIY--credits to Jay for the design at labour. AT sa mga taong magsasabing 'ay, gudlak sa printing nyo', may maganda akong balita: na print na namin at maganda naman ang kinalabasan. (take that, ah yeah)
at dahil mahal ko kayo...eto pa:
(look for the external link. kikiligin kang tunay (well, it worked for some))


gingmaganda said...

panalo ang concept! ayy!

fortuitous faery said...

omg, this is sooooo cute! never seen a wedding invite like this before! it's always embossed gold on white and all that. never as fun-looking as this! :)

The Becky said...

ging at conell...

salamats. i think weddings are supposed to be fun. its like throwing a party before you jump off a cliff. ah yeah. :)