Sunday, October 26, 2008

oh look what I got from the flea market

no. not that grumpy man. (side note: Jay and I--we seem to have this sort of 'talent'-- of including strangers in our pictures. wala lang. nakakaaliw.)

ito po ay tinatawag na actionsampler. isa syang plastik na laruan na kamera. Im sticking with that categorisation, for the very reason that it really is a toy. Its a plastic joy toy. and I got it really really cheap. Mas mahal pa sa kinain ko for lunch today (see chicken rice, which I ate at this nearby kopitiam at Tanjong Pagar). Well, exagg yun. Tipong, tatlong piso nalang, wala pang drinks. san ka pa?
now, the action sampler is--you guess it--a camera with four lenses, each capturing 1/4 of a second. yeah--Im not too confident with what Im saying. (haha) One thing is for sure--its good fun! I cant wait to see how the shots will turn out.

Now, to demonstrate...see the guy running from behind? say, he ran sooo fast that it took him...
quarter of a second to get where he is standing on, right now...this is how frame 1 (above) and 2 (below) of the actionsampler shot will look like. Ngayon, either mabilis talaga si nonoy tumakbo, or mabagal lang magpindot si jay. :)

pics by my iphone fanyang.


fortuitous faery said...

can't decide which one is cuter...your shirt or the camera toy! i guess it's a tie!

The Becky said...

yey! its atay. :)

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