Tuesday, October 21, 2008


a.k.a. 'okay na sana ang lahat'.

Today I was treated to lunch by a new acquiantance (who's Japanese, by the way--hm. I wonder why I had to say that. hehe. ah! kasi she told me I could be mistaken for one. take that, hello kitty). Now, I call it 'bribery', kasi Im checking on her report update (for the un-academic, checking on a professor's update doesn't make you anything of a god or what--it means you are managing her project, and you're writing her report soon, so you have to chase her early. So yes--I get lots of bribes everynow and then). I was invited to the posh faculty lounge post lunch, and to my horror--introduced to other scholars while on my pair of 'takokong' shorts. Well, I looked presentable waist up, but my shorts and high metallic havaianas are--well, what turned out to be an epitome of 'cool' (in short, inappriate). Ngayon, okay na sana ang lahat nang-- dumaan pa kami sa japanese contingent while on their 'gasp!' traditional japanese tea ceremony. You can imagine how it looked-- in my futile attempt to distract everyone off my 'uber cool' (read: inappropriate attire), napapunta pa ako sa lugar na kitang kita ng lahat ang pambaba kong kasuotan (dahil sa mababa ang mesa ng jap tea ceremonies--sa mga nde wide reader. hehe). at yun lang ang kita nila ever. shorts at havaianas. josko. take me lawrd. dapat pala nag hand stand nalang ako.

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