Friday, June 20, 2008

This is BLYTHE.01

This is BLYTHE.01, originally uploaded by dyowsa.

She may scare the shit out of the people dear to me, but I so love, love, looove her (whats with me and repetitive words these days?). This is a post overdue, so you can imagine how much sleeping hours I had to sacrifice for this. hehe. Anyway, my Stella is a 'collaborative' birthday gift from my sister Tinay and my manfriend, MrP. So, salamat po. Parang feeling ko recipient ako ng 'make a wish foundation' nito. heh.

My Blythe's been to Kent Ridge (NUS--chos), Macau and Hongkong. Yes, she's still got that shiny-ness of a face (excuse the blatant english), characteristic of its pure, unadulterated new-ness (simply put, nde ko pa sya mino modify), and until I find that perfect sand sponge, I'll just be shooting with angles minus the oily fez. I think she's photogenic enough to make it to most of my scheduled photo shoots (the one I did at Kent Ridge--yes, that with the greeneries, was back breaking, naknangtokwa!). So yeah--macro mode ever. (Check out that Ferragamo bag!) Costume change, anyone? Is there a calamity drive for Blythes (aka used clothes give aways)?

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gingmaganda said...

awww! she's so pretty! gusto ko rin ng blythe na walang bangs! at naka-side part!

or maski wig na lang. hahahaha