Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Research 102: When in doubt (aka in search for a better word)

I am currently reading all the articles submitted for our book project* when I chanced upon this phrase:

‘some travel; in different countries....willing to work in ___ cabaret...but
most of the recruitment is ‘passive’ and made through mouth-to-mouth

-I think the poor fella meant ‘by word of mouth’. ang kyut!

Ahaha. I swear, nag double take ako dun sa last part. I even looked it up—baka kse hindi lang ganon ka developed ang vocabulary ko. ahaha.

In fairness, hindi English ang first langauge nya (well, ako rin). He even pointed this out sa kanyang note, kaya wala akong maireklamo, kasi--c'mon, at least he was honest, diba? :)

Nars! Major surgery—table fifteen!

*(take note, BOOK ito. As in with credible publisher and peer reviewed. Hindi pamphlet—parang yung isang kilala ko na nilalagay pa sa ‘list of published articles’ nya yung ni-copy and paste nya lang na write up sa isang obscure pamphlet—ni wala nga akong natatanggap sa mailbox ko na ganon noh. Haller. )

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