Thursday, June 12, 2008

I had to write this down

Allors! I am a busy rights now, so I cannot write long blog entries. I transcribing an interview of how-many-of-so head honchos in the field of health services export in my home country, my ears is are (sir, ma'm) bleeding already I want to kick my self in the nuts. Oh gee--I dont have nuts. Anyways, a few conversational pieces which Im afraid I'll have put down on writing. Very inspiring and cheeky. I like! :)

In an FGD with students from a lesser known university in some city in the Philippines:
interviewer: so, you are graduating students of this university..(to the group)
boy: yes.
interviewer: why did you choose to study here?
boy: because it is very good. I like their multidisciplinary..(trails off)
interviewer: oh, right... so its definitely one of the best in the country? How does it fare to the school rankings?
boy: (ETO TALAGA ANG PANALO)...well...we're getting there (with matching tono na pang principal ng school). (pusta ko may matching may-i-smile pa yan. ahaha)


Job interview nung isang taong kakilala ko:
boss: ours is a very competitive company, we need nothing but the best people
friendship: of course..
boss: (goes on and on about desirable qualities of an employee) why do you think we should hire you?
friendship: (long pause, with matching smile) ...why not? (matching tono: taong nagluluto sa harap ng kamera)

Hay. These are soo much better in a pure Pinoy accent. lurve it!