Thursday, December 20, 2007

by the river I sat down..

and made lamon. hehe. With my iPod Shuffle plugged to my ears (didnt like the lounge singer they hired, and I intend to stay pleasant the whole night--so yes, I brought my own music), I walked along the other 'quieter' side of the Singapore River via the Grand Copthorne Waterfront last night. It was a misty, cold night, and with my N95 on hand, I took pictures. The funky bridge's shape was very much appreciated, its reflection glistening on the river surface over a moonless sky. On my way back to the duvets, I started skipping, and swaying. I was wearing this purple dress I scoured from a GAP sale two weeks ago, with (check this out...) my trusty black rubber slippers (hehe). They looked good on each other--like a match made in heaven. Very comfy and laid back--just how I liked it. On my way back home, I reflected on that 'skipping'-ala reckless abandon I just did, and I thought the dress made me do it (aha!). It reminded me of the once simple joy of entertaining oneself with your own 'play time'. And Im glad I did it. Dont you just wish you can get 'your way' sometimes, and do whatever you want?
ohh...did you see the hanging lamps in the picture? Nice, noh? I didnt expect it to turn out that nice-ly. Well, thats what you get from the 11th shot, in experiment of the subject. hehe. But really, things still surprise me, as much as I still surprise myself. (nuninuninu..)

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