Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Nah--I refuse to translate my post title to Ingrish. :)


there's wisdom in quitting your job over the Yuletide Season.
It creates this sense of relief, making you more relaxed and simple-minded.
More forgiving to yourself, and to others.
I think I just gave myself the best Christmas gift ever.


We were having this Christmas lunch at the office (catered, of course!) today and had a few invited guests dropping by. The lady in charge of the estate our office is currently situated in was one of them, and for some obvious reason the topic over turkey, salmon, skewered beef and cheese cake was the 'state' of our 'estate' (tongue twister ba itoh??).

It was quite fun at first, very informative, that it reached a point when we discusses malls, and other public places she 'recommend' we stay away from due to its unhygienic practices and features that are supposedly 'not good for one's health'. She then enumerated a long list. I found it quite surreal and funny because it reminded me of this guy Phoebe dated in FRIENDS--Larry, the health inspector. I told Cheryl about it and we had a hell of a laugh trip over lunch. Im thinking, ‘Gee, good thing she's married with kids’.

I can imagine myself having a career like hers, plus my overly prissy attitude..saya non! (okay, in Meng's translate it! campaign: what joy!)

date: lets go here
me: no. its aircon vents are not cleaned everyday
date: oh. how abt this mall?
me: sure! oh...uh-oh--its water features are tubed, recycled water
date: oh. this one?
me: too small
date: this?
me: its got no Zara in it

ahaha. Some random pictures (er...i can't, in the mighty name of becky--categorise them anywhere else)

How..um...creative! : Vivocity in Harbourfront (to those whose been here light years ago (last year), its beside the Harbourfront Mall--going to Sentosa) need to get new retail decor designers. For a mall boasting to be one of Asia's biggest, the decors did not make it to the yearly budget.

andyan ka lang pala! (there you are!) Mr Ver is fond of yam, thus his colour.

eh, no frost pala eh! : this is actually a very long story.

Henewey, you do know I've got nut case 'family' (as in husband and wife plus kid) friends who call themselves 'The Frosts', right? :) they're being summoned by another 'family' friend for a match on 'keso-ness'-- the 'Mamu Tribe'. Note to myself: imbide the anti-keso-ness values to my kids, in case they ask me why we can't be the 'Morrisons', or the 'Familia Concordia'.

p.s. keso-ness, by the way, means 'cheesiness' in english. In gay linggo, its similar to 'chenes' .wahaha.

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