Sunday, December 30, 2007

Its a HARD drive

No pun intended, but yes--I just gave myself a hard drive for Christmas. Its 120GB of pure 'nothingness', to be politically correct. :) I think my machine just fell for it, like its Christmas morning. (well, howdyaknow! yes--its xmas anyway) Now of course, since mac is plug and play--you dont need the extra hupla that comes with the package. No need to install anything. Hah! 

its official. I may be a geek. Or I just need more space. ('anu bah.)

some random pic: was at the NUS Faculty of Arts and Soc Sci student canteen called the 'The Deck' (renowly renovated, mga lola--me likes it very much), fresh from my book haunt at the library when a sudden downpour occured. So...what should a girl do? Rush through the rain, 'umbrella-less?' Nah. she buys coffee (kopi-o), on a yellow plastic glass which you suspect cant hold a liquid that warm, sits through the rain and takes pictures. hehe. oh, and work that wifi.

We went to 'Singapore's last frontier' (rayyyttt...) on Christmas eve, and celebrated Christmas day there--away from the crowds and all the sad commercialistic tendencies (waw...never thought of it that way. that felt better! hehe). We shot arrows for Christmas eve (will post pics, pramis), joined beer drinking contests, stop dance and...air football (not that enticing, I tell you). 

will post more pics. later.

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