Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On Real Time

I was walking to the office this drizzly morning when I got stuck at the traffic light. What seemed to be an everyday episode was bizarrely different today, becuase there actually is a long queue at the stop. A small road construction was going on, so with limited space to stand, our 'queue' occupied the entire stretch of the intersection. It was quiet amusing--the sight of almost twenty people dressed to the nines and dark clothes, with colourful umbrellas, trying to cross the street in hordes. Then I imagined it to be a very beautiful day.

And then--the funky song strikes in. For some reason which Im completely unaware of, this soundtrack popped in. On cue. My, my...what a weird way to start your day.

Running just as fast as we can
Holdin on to one anothers hand
Tryin to get away into the nightAnd then you put your arms around me
And we tumble to the ground
And then you say
I think were alone now

There doesnt seem to be anyone around
I think were alone now
The beating of our hearts is the only sound

Of course it's a Tiffany song. So bite me.

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