Monday, December 17, 2007

thoughts on asian idol

No, Im not trying to be sarcastic. Nor am I trying to gloat over the fact that Asia’s (or rather, Southeast Asia’s) Best was beaten (ohhh), hands down by the ‘dark horse’ of the competition (or so, says the media). And yes—by SMS votes. The guy himself was not expecting it. And so did everyone else! What fun! I have nothing against Hady Mirza—I think he’s okay—urm, for his league. BUT C’MON…its Asian Idol, my goodness. How do you explain, in the light of Hady’s country of ‘citizenship’ (to be politically correct)—the ever great meritocratic society of Singapura that such ‘upsets’ (in the Indian judge’s own words) can actually occur in naming the Best of the continent? How can you have the courage to face up to your kids in the future, and tell them dark side of mob rule? That the best does not necessarily triumph, and that ‘upsets’ can happen all the time?

Well, Im blaming the voting system. The system calls for two contestants which one has to choose from the six. Logically, since the objective of the game is that the contestants with the most number of points win, and you want your country rep to win…ergo, the next person you vote for should not be your pick’s best contender. Unless of course you’re caring enough to forego your ‘national interest’ for the interest of another contestant—pathetic, of course. Anyway, the only message I can give to those in ‘full praise’ of Hady’s feat (aside from thank you) is—thank the people in the region. For underestimating your rep. For underestimating the support his country might be giving him. In a way, I’m happy for Hady. He’s the most surprising yet ‘somewhat’ pleasant upset for the year. But more seriously--I don’t think his supporters are licensed to gloat. Really, lah.

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