Sunday, November 22, 2009

naknang... (blogging from blogger)

Well. I tried importing a new blogger template to give this page of mine a new lease in life. And it was an epic fail. Josko. All I wanted was a template that does not chop my pictures when I post them big and effing big. I'm looking around for other alternatives--livejournal or wordpress, but Im not keen on moving again. Not yet. Ugh.

Anyway--a few weeks back, we were in Napoli, Italia. With Mt Vesuvius in the background, we walked around the once buried (and forgotten) city of Pompei.

potable water. in Pompei. o ha.

It was cool and creepy at the same time--thinking that this excavation site, now uncovered from Ash (but not totally) was once a flourishing city. Fave part of the tour was the brothels. Hehe. Ang kyut kasi eh, their 'menus' were 'pictured' on the walls, while some of the hand writings bespoke of 'customer feedbacks'. Oh. And the phallic markers were everywhere. Ganyan cguro talaga nung mga panahong wala pang ESPN at wii. :)

this way po, sir/madam. :)

and the menu goes on and on...

speaking of menu (minus the lewdness)-- we ate 'Napolitan food' for lunch, which consisted of pizza Napolitana, Spaghetti Vongole and calamari fritti. In any order.

Ay, ang Vongole ay napaka sarap. And although we heard not so good feedbacks about Napoli (it being crazy and not safe), that Vongole made it so much better.

with matching musicians. weh.

Our first gelatto. one of how many. :)

p.s. excuse my sudden illiteracy (not that illiteracy is funny, it's not. naaks) , I'll try to blog more often. It's just that Im into something right now that's just sucking the life out of me, yan tuloy I'm always too tired to blog. saka na kwento. hehe.

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