Friday, February 1, 2008

Flashback Serye 1: Geddaym that Gundam

I would like to have this experience documented for two reasons: 
1. Im proving the goody two shoes in me that Im not that er--goody. :)  (I guess I havent told you THAT story-- specifically related to my poor cutting classes skills back in college and my "3.0?? i'll so kill myself" stance against--um, good grades, but thats another story)
2. My kumare 'mommyontop' will be due with my inaanak 'Crisostomo Kiko' two months from now (yes, she gave me the opportunity to christen her second 'tite' (context. please!) in accordance to the 'CK initials' rule she and Mr Frost has, in naming their brood), so in... say--sixteen years from now, he reads this blog entry while in the brink of identity crisis, he'll get it that his 'Ninang' is juvenile and cool--well, in some way. ( ah gee--now I have to make this pathetic story as tall as possible!)

Anyway--this picture was taken last year, late November. Takashimaya Ngee Ann City has this competition to erm--dress up 'yer Gundam. I recalled a recent chat with Mrs Frost regarding Mr Frost and Gundams, so I tried taking pictures. Apparently, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO. After a warning from the attendant, it still felt as if I need to take this shot. And I did. Right under his nose, as I pretended to fiddle with my phone. Hah! (oh syet...nde sya ganon ka exciting). Lemme bury this with other blog entries soon. hehe. 

So Cristomo Kiko--oo, ang Ninang mong may PhD at Diplomat some more (oh come on...thats 16 years from now--pwede, diba?) ay rule breaker (in her own small, pathetic ways).