Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Freudian Slips

Two weeks ago, an episode of 'Tinay in LahlahLand' saw us charting Clarke Quay on a Thursday night. We had Bah Ku Teh (just across Central)for dinner, and while none of us really wanted to check out the bars, the 'Ate' in me fancied to show my sister around. Then again there's Jay--who just wants to show off his firm's so-called 'iconic achievement' in Singapore, the 'Angels' and lilipods gracing the night scene at Clarke Quay. After a walk along the river and several reverse bungee jumping sightings (which in no way are you making me hop on one), we entered this magical place of the drunk, merriment and urm...Freudian glory. 'ayaw mo maniwala? 


These rather phallic looking 'blowers' are supposedly eco friendly: they act both as exhaust and air cooler. Not bad for a big, shiny, colour-changing thing, huh? Just dont stand too close, or stare intently while it tries to 'blow' you. eep!

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fortuitous faery said...

they can literally "blow you away!" haha