Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The four things which Im praying to get for my birthday (hey, it pays to plan ahead):

1. Blythe. Kenner's version, or Takara's (not ADG's, please). They scare the hell shit some people I know, but c'mon...the girls are nice. Lookalook o.... they're fine photogenic pieces naman eh. You can dress them up, ride the train with them, fix their hair, change eye colour....Me like.

this is so Japanese. hihi. Happy Easter, ineng.

Christina Ricci-ish, eh? More like Andrea Corrs. Love the princess-au-naturelle concept. (an irony with plastic dolls. hehe)
Kinomo. Tiara. Love ko na 'sya.

2. Narciso Rodriguez Musc for her. Mahabaging Dyos ko. Whoever 'gifts'me this, I pramis--I will be very nice to you, will never ever complain (for one year), never whine, will cook, will wash the dishes, will floss twice a day, will sew your clothes...will work for an NR musc. Throw in Caroline Bassette's gown, and I'll be your slave. For two years. :)

3. A trip to 'somewhere', wherein I either feed my Zara addiction, get drunk with the finest wines, eat Paella (hint hint!) , watch the sun set from the other side of the world, -OR- enjoy a Suns vs Lakers game live (out of spite Jay, out of spite)--since Shaq will be on MC that time, the Suns will win (teehee). Its snowing outside, while I sip my cafe mocha (rookie, pare: may nagka kape ba while watching a basketball game LIVE? :) )

4. wala lang-- just a wonderlife year ahead--full of surprises and blessings. (heh. told yah Im 'regular')

5. A PhD scholarship? Oh shoot...thats number five (not counted).

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