Friday, March 14, 2008

Awan ka kausap

My cousin Kooting is on the prowl for a prom date. Not that she's desperate--lets just say she's 'too young' to have an instant (aka buyprend) date anyway (chenes!). Well, she's actually found one (a date, that is) only recently, and will--I fear enter the unknown, uncharted territory of 'semi dating', with all the St Scho nuns looking in, bright in the afternoon with all their gymnasium house-lights ON. Wow, diba? :) The guy, apparently looks a bit like her (harhar)--very maputla (fair skinned--to make it sound more positive), average height--he's okay. Lets just wait for the moment he decides to talk. That IS, if he decides to. You see, this fine boy (he's studying fine arts and an 'Iskolar nang Bayan') is not really much of a talker. Really. Im serious. 
So here are some helpful tips Im giving Kooting in getting along with a 'non-talker':
1. Have breath mints handy. Use them, and by the time prom's over, you can be crowned 'Ms Freshest Breath'
2. Rubik's Cube, anyone? Sudoku?
3. Start breaking the ice by asking questions like: a)Whoa! What do we have here? b)Anung oras na? c) So, gutom ka na? d)what's you're favorite color? e) maganda ba ako?(kindat kindat) 
4. Bring a sock puppet.
Jameson, once again, encounters the lurking sock puppet: 'omfg! omfg!'

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