Friday, June 19, 2009

real women multi-task

things I've been up to, these days:
1. wake up 'a bit late' for work.
2. google for phd scholarships under the key words: pinoys+migration studies+political science+want to do it in geography instead+tax free+deadlines not past YET. ugh.
3. lookup the erasmus mundus website at least thrice a week (just in case they announce applications early)
4. 'water' my employees at restaurant city, make sure I dont end up with 'wasted' pumpkins at Farm Town
5. prepare proposal number two, just in case number one doesn't make it.
6. call up this raket-giving institution which I will be doing a freelance project for, just to remind them that I am still doing this raket for them, and I need to get paid once it's all done.
7. do cartwheels for my boss ( i know--so hard. haha)
8. edit journal articles, books chapters, presentations and what have yous, and provide other things to make these babies look good--like, i dunno--read everything (format guides, manuals and other unnecessary but important (to get the context) articles cited.
9. SPSS* till kingdom come
10. make plans about our Euro trip. (yey!) this includes getting creative with spreadsheets, as budgeting the 'unknown' (money) is tricky.
11. gripe about life. be worried that this career Im into may not be one that's meant for me.
12. be bored. contemplate on getting a television set.
13. window shop for television set.
14. decide to get one for christmas.
15. repeat.

and I do these things all at once. cos Im a woman. that's why. :)

*SPSS, now known as PASW (Predictive Analytics SoftWare) is a computer programme used for statistical analysis. It was founded by the political scientist Norman Nie and two computer scientists Tex Hull and Dale Bent. (pota. ang geek alert.)

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