Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mejo Relative na Parallel (sort of relative and parallel)

I was looking through my not so plenty doll collection when I figured out that hey--they have 'corresponding partners'.

In the doll corner
On the green corner, may i present to you: kermit jr and ms green. (si ms green and aking mascot--sya ang una kong avatar sa flickr. she's all clay, and I made her three (or was it four??) years ago. Nandyan parin sya, madungis na and all. haha. Eto namang si Kermit Jr--abnormal kasi ako ever. Jay gave this to me 9 years ago.
at syempre (L-R)--ze little birdie and Dolor . :)
Ngayon, etong si Dolor ang ultimate chick. Matanda pa yan sa lahat ng inaanak ko. she's nagdadalaga na--actually, nagdadalaga na sya 10 years ago. haha. I 'gifted' Dolor to 'myself' at Giftgate Recto nung 1999. :)

ah yes, im so abnoy. :P

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