Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bersday Espeysyal : 7 things Retro

caption: "so what about prinsipe k?" (hahaha)

1. I got my name from my my mother's 'barely-teenage phase' crush (grade six! anubah) : Henry Castaneda. Being the creative person that she was (with hormones in supersonic), she thought of a  secret code name for this crush, thus RICA (HenRICAstaneda). She then added in her name (Agnes).  If ever you get to visit my grandma's house in San Juan Batangas, dont be surprised should you chance upon any plate, saucer or cutlery engraved with the name 'Rica'. They're not mine, mind you. They're all waay older than me. 
Recognition day with my mother's sixth grade crush 
(was her kuya's lowerclassman in college). 

2. I have this really funny head shape. *sigh* It even looks out of proportion. My mother read it as intelligence. Me thinks it's when forceps fail the first time. 
lookatdat head! 

yes--I pose like this very so often. 

3. I studied Nursery at the Filomenita F. Legarda Learning Center in Ba
lic-balic Sampaloc. When I read Bob Ong's ABNKKBSNPLAko???, I knew what the guy was talking about.
I'm very easy to spot. Look for the 'bewildered' kid.

4. Growing up, I never experienced the joy of wearing my hair long. It's always that darn apple cut.
and tintin used to have straight hair. nyahaha

5. I miss my mother sometimes, I wish there can be one 'unscary' instance that we could talk again. (gusto kong malaman kung ano ba ang totoong ni-wish nya when she was having me, nang hindi na ako mahirapang mag isip kung ano ang dapat kong gawin sa buhay ko. haha)
another dance move, by miss maribeth bichara.

6. I--egad...I used to be thin. :( or slimmer.  or whatever. now all things are just relative. paksyet.
Chorus of Arts and Letters '01: We cater to all your choir needs. Kumakanta din kami sa mga lamay.

7. just over the weekends, my husband made this video project which involved almost every special person in my life. waw. 

ayun lang.


gingmaganda said...

yung unang litrato, may ganyan ding pic si ody na parang ganyan din ang bestida! haha! huwatacoincidence!

at sorry ulit, hindi nakahabol sa beerday video. wah.

marie said...

sa F. Legarda din ako nagnursery!nakalimutan ko lng kung anong year hehe.. ilang taon ka na blogger? baka nagkasalubong na tayo dati haha