Monday, May 11, 2009

gusto ko munang mag thank you

the birthday doodle. by the husband. kewl noh? :)
(can't see? click the image)

Kay Lord, kasi he's been very good to me, despite my shortcomings.
I've been very quick to judge myself according to my failures
and things which I thought 'should be'.
I sometimes (-er, most of the time) forget to be grateful for all the blessings he has showered upon me: a loving family, the coolest husband in the world (o, walang kokontra--i, ze berday girl said so :P ), old friends, new found friends and acquiantances.
Happy Birthday to me. teehee.
Salamat ulet.


(I'll post pictures laters)


fortuitous faery said...

galing naman ng drowing! extra pa si miss iggy! may gahd...kinakalawang na ang aking drowing skills...ang layo kasi sa aking kurso..haha.

happy birthday ulit!

The Becky said...

haha. salamat connie! uy, da little boy is asking about the homer simpson postage stamp (na naka dikit daw sa magarang kotse. haha)

gingmaganda said...

happy birthday rica! mwah!

fortuitous faery said...

actually, bibili pa lang ako ng simpsons stamps! kabago-bago, wala agad sila stock sa post office! haha. in demand kasi siguro. but do watch out for the gift i mailed you! you should get it this week!

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