Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Singapore Toy and Comic Convention (pant, pant...ang haba)

Remember last year's toycon with Stella (and AJ who joined in, right then and there)?
This year was Coco's turn.

above: this is a classic 'whodahellareyou??' award

I fear that Coco has a penchant for scruffy looking boxer-wannabes, with 'make shift' X for their navels, most probably in their underpants.

We *heart* you, Mr Monopoly Guy.

attack of the Blythes! The Fairy Sprites (above shelf) scared the hell out of us. hehe. Below are some of the finalists for the Blythe beauty contest held in Tokyo (last year? not sure). hehe.

Coco (finally) meets 'the godmother'. Looking 'maton' and all, Ge texted us his whereabouts when we were on our way to the convention hall: 'Dito ako sa may pink na arko'. Ah, he found the Blythe exhibition. (more of drawn to-- i believe. :) )

This photo op elicited so much laughter in the galleries. The storm trooper is a fan!

A whole area for uglydolls! i may have wet myself. :P

Aha! Bumblebee got the memo. :)

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fortuitous faery said...

ahaha...bumbleblythe! precious photos!

the blythe beauty pageant is amazing!